Mr. Clayton Beal



Degrees and Certifications:


Mr. Clayton Beal

About Me:

My name is Clayton Beal & this is my 5th year teaching @ PHS. Currently I'm teaching AP Statistics, AP Calculus BC, and Academic Calculus. Previously I have taught: PAP Precalculus, ADV SAT math prep, Pre-College Math, and Geometry. I love teaching & learning and fortifying myself in all aspects. When I'm not in the classroom, you'll find me doing one of the following: bay fishing with my dad, breeding rabbits (polish, hotots right now), working in the yard, winning fantasy football, traveling around the world on Youtube, or most likely - big chillin with my besties - Esther (Mrs. Beal) , Joe (6yrs old), and Ben (4yrs old).

Guidelines for Success:

Check your grades on Skyward regularly. If you fail a test you have the opportunity to raise that failing grade to a passing mark if you pass the subsequent test. Homework is non-punitive; work diligently, and don't lose sight of the fact that everything is built for your preparation on the AP exam. Laugh a lot, don't get discouraged, and be prepared to share your favorite memes with me. 

Mission for 2017-2018:

To utilize the conceptual techniques of statistics and calculus to solve real-world problems...and to have fun, and become the best version of ourselves that we know we can be.

Schedule 2017-2018:

Room: N 207

1 (7:15-8:02) - AP Statistics

2 (8:08-8:55) - CONFERENCE

3 (9:01-9:48) - Calculus

4 (9:54-10:47) AP Calculus BC

5 (10:53-11:40) AP Statistics

6 (12:45-1:32) AP Statistics

7 (1:38-2:25)  Calculus


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday "B" Lunch - 12:10-12:40