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Ms. Burrow

Welcome to Sixth Grade Science!  

This is my third year at Sablatura Middle School.  I have taught for 13 years and moved from the Richmond/Rosenberg area.  My son is now in 7th grade and we recently adopted a rescued, miniature schnauzer.  I absolutely love teaching Science, exploring, and making learning enjoyable.  I look forward to getting to know this new group of students and challenging them to grow.  My philosophy on teaching is centered around growth.  Each child that enters my classroom is at a different place in their life journey.  I want to guide them to think and problem-solve inside and outside the classroom.  I have an open-door policy, so please come to me with any questions or concerns.


    Want to receive text messages about your child's Science quizzes/tests and other important info?
    Text this message:  @e4gaeh
    To this number: 81010
    On Tuesday, I send home graded work in their Tuesday folder.  Any assignment that is below a 70 may be corrected and turned in by FRIDAY.  To correct an assignment, students need to write the entire question and answer of the question(s) they got wrong on a sheet of notebook paper.  Staple the corrections to the original assignment and turn into the tray by Friday.  The highest grade they may receive is a 70 for corrected assignments.
    I do not usually assign Science homework, HOWEVER, the important thing in Science is to study for their quizzes/tests.  Please help your child practice good study habits.  Any unfinished work in school may also become homework.
    To study, they should review their Science notebook.  I also usually assign an online review using, and I send out a code to review for that quiz/test.  Occasionally, I resort to a paper review, but I use online and the Science notebook regularly in lieu of paper reviews.
    Agendas & SCOPES (warm-ups)
    When your child enters my room, they are asked to copy down what we are doing in their agenda and then complete one or two warm-up problems (we call it SCOPES).  Although, I don't require students to get their agendas signed by you, I do random checks to make sure they are completing the agenda.  This a good tool to keep them organized and to help you know what they are working on, as well as due dates.  Also, SCOPES counts as 10% of their grade (it is my homework grade, although it is not homework).  If they are absent, they are still responsible for making up the SCOPES questions.
    My tutoring times are Wednesday and Thursday from 7:45-8:25 and Monday and Wednesday during lunch.
    Absences/Makeup Work/Missing Assignments
    I give students one week from the time they return to complete their makeup work.  It is their responsibility to come in to take care of it and to ask me for it.  I give longer than the district policy for makeup work, as I do my best to help students understand the concepts they miss.  I mark ANY missing assignment, justified or not, as a ZERO and missing in the grade book until completed, just to draw attention to it.  I would rather change a zero to a 100, then to surprise students and parents with a missing assignment that they weren't aware of. 
    Labs and Donations
    I am fortunate to teach the best subject in the world!  Science is fun and we do a lab usually once a week.  But, with that comes a great responsibility to maintain a safe learning environment.  Students who don't follow instructions, will have an alternate assignment and be removed from the lab.
    As we do labs often, I will ask for donations throughout the year.  This is purely optional.  This helps me make learning fun and applicable.  I greatly appreciate your contributions.
    If you have any questions, email me.  My conference period is 10:20-11:05.