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    Scope and Sequence and Writing Portfolio


    Welcome to Ms. Fillingame's Webpage for 8th Grade Advanced English 

    Teacher Contact Information

    Feel free to contact me during my conference period from 1:07 p.m. to 1:57 p.m. with concerns or questions.  Contact by email is preferred; if you leave a message with the front office, please expect a longer response time.  I will respond to messages and emails before and after school and/or during my conference time. 


    Phone:  281-997-3900



    Before School:   8:00 to 8:35 Mondays and Thursdays

    After School:  3:45 to 4:30 Thursdays



    Various methods of grading will be used to assess a student's mastery for any given skill or required knowledge.  Writing is subjective.  The following three things are always considered when work is graded:

    1. Following Directions   2.  Being Organized   3.  Participation/Effort 

    Classroom Supplies and Usage

    **Loose leaf notebook paper for major writing assignments

    **Blue or Black ink pens for writing (pencils are not preferred), wacky colored pens for revising and editing, and Highlighters

    **Glue sticks, markers, crayons are helpful for projects and group work, but supplies is available in class to be loaned on a collateral system

    **A "Writer's Toolbook" which is a spiral notebook (5-Subject spiral preferred) will be carried to class every day

       --Students may choose to store any work in progress in class, and they may store their spirals/Writer's Toolbooks in class.  Students are responsible for their work regardless of the method of storage they choose.  Students should always have their Toolbook on hand for daily use and/or random spiral grades and open-note tests.


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    Classroom Expectations 


    Be on-time        (Gather supplies and make-up work if applicable.  Be seated before the

                                               tardy bell rings.)                  

    Be Ready           (Be willing to learn and participate.  Read the “I will” statement posted on  

                                                the board, and begin the warm-up before the tardy bell rings.)                

    Be Respectful   (Acknowledge, recognize, consider, and accept others’ differences, personalities, and  


    Be Successful   (Success is a choice—not a chore—it is not something gained by chance.  Students should be

                                              self-advocates by taking charge of their own learning.) 


    Consequences for unacceptable choices

    Students who make choices to be off-task during class will be warned.  The following protocal is followed when students cannot be easily redirected:

    1. 30-minute morning teacher detention (Morning detentions will be held the same days as English tutorials (Tuesday and Thursday mornings). Students who attend a teacher detention will be required to reflect on their behavior by completing a “Think Sheet” in writing. 
    2. 30-minute lunch detention
    3. One hour after school detention
    4. Two-hour after school detention
    5. Office Referral for persistent misbehavior. 

    Cheating/Plagiarism (will not be tolerated)--please see student handbook for consequences


    **please see uploaded attachments for various classroom activities, the syllabus, and the scope and sequence**