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  • Unit Vocabulary Terms for each Unit will be due on test day. Terms include all words bolded throughout the chapter/module readings and can also be found at the end of each chapter/module.

    For full credit of 100% Unit Vocabulary Terms must be:

    1. Numbered
    2. Term highlighted
    3. Definition from textbook, word for word, not abriviated.
    4. Turned in on test day. 

    Vocabulary couts as much as a quiz grade (2x).

    Reassessments are available for failed tests. Reassessments must be completed in tutorials within 3 days of grade input in Skyward. Students can reassess ONLY 2 tests per 9 weeks. 

    Failed assignments/homework/quizzes can be corrected and are subject to the 3 day limit for turning them in.

    Rules for Correcting Assignments

    • Corrections are completed on a loose leaf sheet of paper
    • Hand written
    • Includes a title - "Assignment name" Corrections
    • Must have complete missed question and complete correct answer.
    • Must include PROOF. Why is that the correct answer? Prove to me you know the answer, not that you got it from someone. Show your work for calculations. 

    Enrichment Opportunities are Reviews you create from the Overviews. 

    • a way for students to create review material (on their own) as they learn the topics in class
    • original colored visuals with notes on them
    • encompassing information as to not need to reference the textbook again to study
    • NOT rushed, or thrown together.
    • High quality, look immaculate, publish worthy
    • NOT quickly produced, students should take time and care to create it
    • NOT a requirement
    • due on test day
    • NOT debatable as far as quality
    • all preapproved by Mrs. Moore prior to test

    I should be able to give a random DHS student (or your parent) your enrichment opportunity and they actual learn the topic from it.