Students, parents and faculty welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  As most of you know my name is Ms. Coppersmith and I am the School Counselor here at Shadycrest. This year my main focus of instruction will be on teaching classroom guidance lessons on GRIT mainly focusing on Integrity and Mindset.  You can read about both of these on the other pages on my webpage.  We will of course also cover many other topics including anti bullying and tolerance. Our school wide incentive program Bucket Fillers promotes positive character traits that lead to excellent behavior by encouraging our students to be compassionate individuals.

    In addition to classroom guidance individual counseling on an as needed basis and in some cases small group counseling sessions will be available.  Although school counseling is not therapy, as the counselor I can help children to adjust to new situations, increase self-esteem, and deal with grief, anger, stress, divorce/separation or relationship struggles which may be a barrier to their educational process.  Parents, if you should need to talk to me about any of these sensitive issues please contact me at 281-412-1404 or by email at coppersmithd@pearlandisd.org Community resources will be offered if additional support is needed.


    Shadycrest Counseling Permission Slip