Check Out Procedures

    Classes come to the library every other week, and students may check out books during their scheduled class visit. Students may also check out books on any school day as long as they have permission from their teacher to come to the library.

    Students may borrow up to three items at a time. They may only check out 1 magazine at a time, and only 1 Bluebonnet book at a time. They library also has playaways (digital audiobooks) available for student checkout; students must have a signed playaway checkout contract on file in order to check out a playaway. Students may check out 1 playaway at a time. All items are due back to the library two weeks from the checkout date. The library does not charge overdue fines, but students must pay for any items that are not returned. Students are also not allowed to checkout if they have overdue items. Please report damaged books to the library. Many times, damaged books can be repaired. If a book is damaged beyond repair, the student will be billed for the replacement cost.