• Administration

    Dr. Nyla Watson, Senior Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Programs
    Dr. Nyla Watson began her career as a teacher at Pearland High School. Her service has included PHS principal and associate principal, principal of the Pearland Ninth Grade Center (where her students received the highest scores in Texas on assessments in math and English/language arts) and her current position as the district’s chief instructional officer.

    Watson earned her doctorate in educational administration from the University of Houston, master's in humanities from University of Houston-Clear Lake and bachelor’s in education, business and journalism from Sam Houston State University.

    Noel Gray, Director of Instructional Programs
    Noel Gray provides leadership to the district’s overall instructional program and coordinates content area specialists and curriculum. She plans, evaluates and implements instructional programs with teachers and principals, including learning objectives, instructional strategies and assessment techniques.

    Gray previously served as Pearland ISD’s coordinator of English/language arts for 10 years. A certified trainer for the Reading Recovery Program, she also has a rich background in elementary and middle school literacy and has presented workshops locally and nationwide.


    Brenda O'Banion, High School Math Specialist
    Brenda O’Banion comes to Pearland ISD with 26 years of experience in secondary math. She holds a master’s degree in education administration from Lamar University. She has served as department chair, TAKS/STAAR team lead/facilitator and new teacher mentor. Her leadership experience ranges from creating and presenting staff developments/trainings and designing curriculum to implementing vertical and horizontal math alignments and disaggregating data for school improvement. In 2009, she was honored to be named Campus Teacher of the Year. O’Banion is committed to collaborating with teachers and administrators to strengthen and improve the district’s math curriculum through mentoring, coaching and presenting/modeling best practices and instructional strategies.

    Mandy Trom, Math Intervention Specialist
    Mandy Trom taught elementary and junior high mathematics for 10 years in Pearland ISD. As a teacher, she served as grade level team-leader, participated in curriculum writing, presented at staff development, and was a new teacher mentor. In 2013 and 2015, she earned Campus Teacher of the Year. As a specialist, she provides support and curriculum to all 5-8 mathematics teachers through coaching, mentoring, and district staff development while implementing the district initiatives. Trom holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, both from University of Houston – Clear Lake.

    Jennifer Greer, Elementary Math Specialist
    Jennifer Greer taught elementary math for nine years in Alvin and Pearland school districts before becoming an elementary math specialist. As a teacher, Greer served as a team leader, math vertical team leader, math lead teacher and new teacher mentor. In addition, she has presented staff development at both the district and state level. In her current role, Greer oversees the elementary math program, provides coaching/mentoring support and delivers professional development focused on best math teaching practices.

    Stephanie Weaver, Elementary Math Specialist
    Stephanie Weaver taught elementary and middle school in Pearland ISD for 16 years. Her leadership roles included grade-level and math department team leader. At the district level, she has participated in math curriculum writing and presented at staff development. In 2011, Weaver was a state finalist for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. As a math specialist, she supports teachers with math initiatives and serves as a math coach.

    Reading/English Language Arts

    Nicki Booker, K-6 Specialist
    Nicki Booker taught in regular education and ESL classrooms and also provided special intervention programs for ESL, GT, extended kindergarten, Title I and reading recovery. She holds a master’s degree in reading and is certified as a reading specialist, master reading teacher and ESL teacher. Booker supports the district’s reading initiatives through literacy course training and on-campus literacy coaching.

    Beth Moore, Junior High Specialist
    Beth Moore formerly taught all levels of high school English at Dawson High School - English I, English II, English II Pre-AP, English III AP, and English IV. As a teacher, she worked with implementing STAAR intervention plans on her campus to help struggling students, presented curriculum materials, served as grade-level team leader, and participated in curriculum writing. As a specialist, she supports all 7th and 8th English and reading teachers throughout the district through development and implementation of curriculum, leading staff development, and implementing district initiatives. Moore holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction - both from Texas A&M University.

    Mindi Cooper, High School Specialist
    Mindi Cooper formerly taught English, journalism and dual credit English. Currently, she coordinates curriculum development and implements training for district reading and writing initiatives for grades 9-12. Cooper holds master’s degrees in literature and curriculum and instruction.

    Tiffany Cox, K-6 Specialist

    Dawn Lyssy, K-6 Specialist
    After six years in the classroom, Dawn Lyssy began her role as a reading specialist, implementing the district’s K-6 reading initiatives and K-4 special education literacy courses and coaching programs while providing diagnostic and instructional support for struggling readers. Lyssy has worked with special needs students and mentored and coached new teachers. In addition to her extensive training in reading and writing development, she is a master reading teacher and holds reading specialist and ESL certifications and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction.


    Bernadette Dieter, K-5 Specialist
    Formerly a middle school science teacher, Bernadette Dieter develops science curriculum and instruction for grades K-5. Analyzing student assessment data, she assists teachers in determining appropriate instructional strategies for critical concepts. In addition, she observes teachers, models lessons and facilitates professional development to integrate best practices in science. Collaborating with junior high and high school science specialists, Dieter keeps science courses aligned vertically and horizontally with state and national science education policies.

    Jenifer Haecker, 6-8 Specialist
    Jenifer Haecker has served as a science specialist for grades 6-8 for more than a decade. She coordinates curriculum development and provides support and staff development for teachers. Collaborating with elementary and high school science specialists, she keeps science courses aligned vertically and horizontally with state and national science education policies. In addition to developing district assessments to help determine appropriate instructional strategies, she supports teachers by planning lessons and modeling best practices in the classroom.

    Donna Tate, 9-12 Specialist
    Donna Tate taught science in Pearland ISD for 11 years, presenting district staff development, serving as chemistry team leader and mentoring new teachers. In her current role, she collaborates with teachers to determine key lessons and instruction strategies after analyzing student assessment data. Working with elementary and junior high science specialists, Tate ensures vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment with state and national science education policies. She also models lessons and facilitates professional development on best practices in science. She holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in educational management.

    Social Studies

    Sheri Minter, K-12 Specialist
    Sheri Minter holds a bachelor’s degree in history, a 6-12 social studies composite certificate and a master’s degree in educational management. During her 11 years in the classroom, she mentored several student teachers and served as an academic team leader and department chair. In her current role, she coordinates curriculum development and supports teachers by modeling and planning lessons. In addition, Minter develops district assessments and disaggregates local and state assessment data. She then works with social studies teachers to develop meaningful remediation for all students. Her goal is to keep teachers updated with social studies changes at state and national levels.

    Dual Language

    Antonia Sanchez, Dual Language Specialist/Translator