AMS Quiz Bowl

  • Welcome to the 2016-2017 Quiz Bowl Club!


    Pearland ISD’s Quiz Bowl program is unique to our district and was developed to provide opportunities for students to have fun while learning in a competitive format.  We also strive to build capacity and interest in academic competitions such as Academic Decathlon.


    This year’s Pearland ISD Quiz Bowl Super Quiz topic is World War II. As always, we mirror the topic of Academic Decathlon to further the alignment. The specific US Academic Decathlon topic is India. The resources chosen this year for Quiz Bowl were reviewed for age and topic appropriateness as well as for text that is challenging for 5th-8th grade learners.  Students will also compete in a General Trivia competition at the District Bowl, as well as, club and online competitions throughout the year. Please begin researching and studying the topic and general trivia in order to become knowledgeable for competitions. It is also important for a club member to attend every meeting so that they are prepared for competition.


    In order to establish a climate of inquiry in which there exists a robust exchange of ideas, students are asked to listen respectfully to the ideas and opinions of others. Parents are encouraged to discuss this year's topic as well as local and world issues with their child so that he/she understands what they believe. Please refer to the list below for Super Quiz specific resource materials from which questions are developed.