• SOS- "Strengthened Sense of Self" Groups


    Focus of the Groups

    The focus of the group program is achieving the positive goals with students. Group leaders link the benefits of the group setting with solution-focused approaches to help students identify their strengths and abilities to solve their concerns. Groups meet at school for seven weeks, or seven sessions. During each group session students will learn important skills to help them be successful. In group, these skills will be tailored to address individual student needs and concerns.


    Skill Topics

    Self-Knowledge and Acceptance- Students will learn about their abilities, interests, and personal characteristics. When students learn to identify their strengths and the areas in which they need to improve, their sense of self is strengthened.


    Interpersonal and Communication Skills- Students will develop positive interpersonal relationships and communication skills to promote positive interactions with each other. Students will also learn to value differences and uniqueness among people.


    Responsible Behavior and Personal Responsibility- Students will develop personal responsibility for their behavior. They will learn how attitudes and perceptions can affect behavior, how feelings and behaviors are related to goals and consequences, and how behavior can be changed.


    Conflict Resolution- Students will learn nonviolent ways to resolve conflicts. Students will also learn styles of cooperative behavior and healthy expressions of anger.


    Decision Making- Students will learn the steps for making effective decisions. They will learn the factors that influence change and decision making. Emphasis will be placed on responsibility and individual choice.


    Self-Care and Self-Management- Students will learn how to express feelings in healthy ways, advocate for themselves, manage their time, and manage stress.