• Canvas Grade Pass Back

    Canvas has developed an automated integration infrastructure between Skyward and the Canvas learning management
    system that will allow grades to pass back to Skyward.


    Pearland ISD will continue to use Skyward for students and parents to view student grades, attendance, and report cards online. Skyward is our student information system that is used for state reporting and other essential district functions.


    Skyward is the official gradebook for Pearland ISD.

    Canvas Grade Pass Back Instructor Information

    Teachers begin by watching the short video.

    Teacher Video (Video Length-VL 4:22)


    1. Canvas passes grades back to Skyward for assignments, graded discussions, and quizzes.

    2. Prepare Canvas Course for Grade Pass Back document

    3. Setting "Assignment" categories in Canvas: video below

    **Use the "Table of Contents" button to select the correct video to view when setting the "Assignment" categories, in Canvas.
    There are 2 video choices; one if for those who teach Science and the other video for all other subjects.

    4. Teachers final grade checks need to be verified in Skyward.


Canvas Grade Pass Back Trending Q&A

  • Can you pass a grade back for a single student?

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    You cannot pass a grade back to Skyward for a single student at this time.


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  • What data attributes are passed back to Skyward from a Canvas assignment?

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      • Assignment Name
      • Assignment Category
      • Assignment due date
      • Grading Category (based on the Canvas assignment group)
      • Excused assignments (display as No Count)
      • Points Possible
      • For individual students:
        • Submission date/time
        • Score
        • Whether the assignment was excused for the student

    Note: If the Assignment Group is changed in Canvas after the assignment is created in Skyward, the grading category does not change.

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