OMAM Project Instructions and Information

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    Students:  The following items are instructions and resources for a mini-project you will complete over Of Mice and Men. The project will be officially assigned to you on March 30, 2017; and it is due April 5, 2017.  There will be no exceptions on the due date for this project.  If you are unexpectedly absent on the day the project is due, you must email me a copy.  If you know you will be out the day the project is due, then turn your project in early.

    Projects Overview : This page gives you the different project options and an overview of each project.  Choose ONE.

    Drama Script Pages

    - Script Model: This page is only a one-page example of a script.  Yours must be longer as per the guidelines on the instructions.

    - Script Rubric

    Eulogy Pages

    - Eulogy Instructions

    - Eulogy Rubric

     Short Story Pages

    - Short Story Rubric