Student Tranfers

  • If Pearland ISD accepts transfer students for the 2018-2019 school year, detailed application information will be posted on our website in April. Please revisit this page at that time.

Student Transfers

  • Welcome to the Student Transfer Program for the 2017-18 school year 
    The student transfer program is not linked to Skyward. You may not obtain a transfer thru Skyward.

    Transfers are only for students who want to attend a school their home is not zoned to attend. They are not for students who are new to their attendance zone. These students must enroll as new students.

    Early kindergarten registration is for students who will attend their zoned campus. If your child will apply for a transfer to another school for kindergarten, you will not participate in early kindergarten registration at your zoned campus. Instead, you will apply for a student transfer during the student transfer application period (April 17 – May 26, 2017). If you receive an approval for a transfer, you will enroll your child at the school approved to attend during the August enrollment period. Your approved campus will require all of the documents to enroll that you would need at your zoned campus.

    Transfers are approved on a year-to-year basis, and all transfer students must submit applications annually.

    What kind of transfer do I need to apply for?

    If your residence at the start of the new school year will be inside the Pearland ISD boundary, you need an intra-district transfer.

    If your residence at the start of the new school year will be outside the Pearland ISD boundary, you need an inter-district transfer.



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