• Welcome to your weekly (or every other week, rather) dose of vocabulary! First and foremost, I would like for you all to understand that completing these vocabulary assignments are crucial to your writing, reading, and even speaking skills. I expect students to use their newly learned vocabulary words in their writing and speaking.


    Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to gain access to our vocabulary program, Zinc:


    1. Go to the PISD website. (www.pearlandisd.org)

    2. Click on the "students" tab at the top

    3. Locate "online textbooks" on the left of the page

    4. Locate the "High School" resources

    5. Click on the "Springboard" app.

    6. Sign into the Springboard app. using your PISD username and password

    7. Finally, click on the "Zinc" app.

    8. Once logged in, you should be able to see your pending vocabulary assignments



    Hint: you may want to make this page a favorite on your computer at home. Make sure you pay attention to due dates for each list.