• 3rd Nine Weeks of School

    February 5


    Continue reading Beowulf – Beowulf’s battle with Grendel and Grendel’s mother.

    February 6


    Complete reading Beowulf – Beowulf defeats dragon, dies and Beowulf’s funeral.

    February 7


    PM Time: DHS Data/STAAR

    Plan Pullout –

    PM Only –

    9th and 10th


    Complete Study Guide questions for Beowulf

    February 8


    Complete Study Guide questions for Beowulf

    February 9


    Complete Study Guide Questions for Beowulf and film segments from various Beowulf films.



    January 29


    Barbarian Battle – you must bring weapons, outfit/gear, rubric, Behavior Contract signed by your parents/legal guardian in order to participate.


    If you are absent, you must do alternative assignment as well as bring items mentioned above to receive full credit.  This will all be due no later than Wednesday or the day you return to school.


    Any questions or concerns see me.



    January 30


    Continued with Background on Beowulf.


    You Tube Link:



    Study Guides distributed and video on “Clash of the Gods”



    Beowulf Study Guide with Teacher Answers:



    Background notes on Beowulf (PPT)



    If you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to catch up on what you missed by checking my website.  If you have any questions, text me.

    January 31


    January Scholarship Due!


    Study Guide Questions Assigned

    Beowulf Study Guide Questions

    February 1


    Beowulf reading begins.

    February 2


    Continue reading Beowulf.


    January 22


    3 x 5 card due with all of students hobbies, interests, employment, habits, vehicle, family, etc.


    Rubrics for two projects will be presented.


    Trading Card Project

    Due March 20th

     The Prologue from Canterbury Tales (Full Glencoe Book Reading)

    Poetry Project

    Poetry Project

    Due March 21st

    January 23


    AP Multiple Choice Strategies by Peggy Leeman

    Blank 1991 Copy

    1991 Exam 

    January 24


    An AP Exam will be given to determine which student needs to be in March Madness classes.


    After School Sword Presentations will be given to students who cannot be here Friday in class to present their swords.  Be in room 2318 at 2:35 pm.

    If you still cannot make this tutorial Sword Presentation session, see Barbarian Project tab for additional add on assignment for not being able to present your sword on Friday or today after school.

    If you missed the AP Exam that was given today in class or cannot be here to make up the minutes for Thursday you missed - you have Monday and Tuesday after school to make up in room 2318.  I will not have tutoring Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week after school due to scheduled meetings those afternoons and a doctor's appointment. 


    January 25


    Background on Beowulf

    Study Guides distributed and video on “Clash of the Gods”

     Beowulf Study Guide


    You Tube Link:



    Continue with Clash of the Gods.  Study guide questions assigned & background notes on Beowulf (PPT)


    (Will be added later)

    January 26


    Sword Presentation in LGI.


    Make sure you bring your Sword Presentation Rubric


    January 15





    January 16


    Jane Eyre Inner/Outer Circle


    This assignment was moved to Thursday, January 18th due to severe weather conditions.  Pearland ISD was shut down.

    January 17


    Discuss one of the two with the class (your choice!)

    The Century Quilt


    Black Walnut Tree


    Sample Responses


    Pearland ISD was shut down. – This assignment was canceled.

    January 18


    Timed Writing over one of the two prompts from 1/17/2018

    Prompts are located on January 17th.

    Lesson plan update:  the Jane Eyre Inner/Outer Circle was moved to today.  If you were absent you must – you must take your two level three questions and answer in the following format:

    Each question must be 500 words each or longer. 


    Your paper must be in MLA format:

    Times Roman Font

    Size 12 Font

    Double spaced

    1” left, right, top, bottom margins

    Stapled to top of your levels of questions assignment.

    January 19

    1) Students turned in their Jane Eyre take home scantron exams and signed plagiarism sheets.

    2) Students turned in their Jane Eyre novels and were assigned an Oedipus Rex novel.  This novel must be read by March 5th.  It will be due along with a Significant Moments sheet. 

    Significant Moments for Oedipus

    If you were absent, you must turn in J. Eyre novel and sign out for an Oedipus novel. 

    3) Students also signed up for a Pilgrim in which they will create a Trading Card for that character.  This assignment will be explained on Monday, January 22nd when you come to class.  Please see Munoz’s classes who have signed up attached.  For Rice’s classes, you will have to get with her to find out which pilgrim you would like to be assigned.

    Here is The Canterbury Tales:  The Prologue.  If you read this prologue can give you an idea of what the pilgrims are like.  You will have to use this book to design your pilgrim.


    Munoz’s sign-up sheet:  .  If you notice all slots are taken in the period you are in, please come see me and I will tell you what you will do next. 

    Pilgrim Sign Up Sheet-Munoz

    Rice’s sign up sheet

    4) Students restroom passes were returned to students in periods 4 through 7.  Munoz will return 2nd period’s RR passes on Monday.  If you have not received your RR pass from Ms. Rice, please get with her on Monday.

    5) Students were given a 3 x 5 index card in which they listed all of their hobbies, interests, employment, habits, vehicle, family, music, likes, dislikes, social media favs, etc.  ALL OF THIS MUST BE LISTED ON ONE SIDE OF THE CARD ONLY!  DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CARD!!!!  Even first and last name must be listed on same side of card that all writing is listed on.  Please see Munoz or Ms. Rice for the 3 x5 cards as we have all given each class specific card colors.  No exceptions!


    January 8


    Groups 6 and 5 presented today


    1st Period

     Jane Eyre PPT-Elizabeth

    Jane Eyre PPT-Ethnica

    2nd Period

     Group 1

    Group 2

    3rd Period

     Group 2

    January 9


    Groups 4 and 3 presented today


    1st Period

     Jane Eyre PPT-Chelsea   Jane Eyre PPT-Christian

    Jane Eyre PPT-Dustin

    2nd Period

     Group 3

    Group 4

    3rd Period

    Group 3 

    Group 4

    January 10


    9th and 10th ELA

    Release Test


    All students will meet in homeroom this day.


    January 11

    Groups 2 and 1 presented


    1st Period

     Jane Eyre PPT-Ananya

    Jane Eyre PPT-Maddie

    Jane Eyre PPT-Noah


    2nd Period

     Group 5

    Group 6

    3rd Period

    Group 5

    January 12


    Jane Eyre Q#3 Timed Writing


    Munoz’s students.   If you are absent today, you will have Monday and Wednesday only to make up this timed writing after school.


    Rice’s students please check with her on tutorial make up times.


    In addition, you will take a completely different prompt during these make up times than was given in class. No exceptions!


    January 1



    January 2

    Work Day

    January 3

    Staff Development Day

    January 4


    December Scholarship Due!


    Jane Eyre Significant Moments Due



    Jane Eyre Significant Moments Quiz


    (If you were absent, you have until Wednesday, January 10th to make up this quiz.  Please note you will take a completely different quiz than what was given in class-no exceptions!)


    January 5


    Students were assigned into 6 different groups and given a topic to present on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday of next week to present to the class.


    A rubric was also given to each person in class and instructions were implemented on what to have in their classroom presentations.

     PPT Rubric

    Students spent the entire class period preparing for next weeks presentation.

    Topics Assigned to each group in Munoz’s class.

    You will be required to give your teacher a copy of this assignment after completion of presentation.  No exceptions.


    2nd Nine Weeks of School


    December 11


    Exemption Forms will be signed.


    Restroom passes picked up today.


    Jane Eyre Take Home test given to each class (Due January 4th)

    Jane Eyre Page










    December 12


    Review for Final Exam

    December 13


    Final Exams begin

    December 14


    Final Exams

    December 15


    Final Exams








    December 4


    Complete Study Guide questions for Paradise Lost



    December 5


    Major Exam: Paradise Lost.


    If you were absent from Munoz’s class – you only have Wednesday and Friday to make up during tutorial times only.


    For Rice’s students, please check Ms. Rice’s tutorial times.


    December 6


    Prepare for Thursday’s Timed Writing

    December 7


    Timed Writing

    December 8


    Jane Eyre Quiz over chapters 20 to 27 – this quiz will be of a different format.


    Jane Eyre Significant Moments Page due Thursday, January 4th


    December 4


    Complete Study Guide questions for Paradise Lost



    December 5


    Major Exam: Paradise Lost.


    If you were absent from Munoz’s class – you only have Wednesday and Friday to make up during tutorial times only.


    For Rice’s students, please check Ms. Rice’s tutorial times.


    December 6


    Prepare for Thursday’s Timed Writing

    December 7


    Timed Writing

    December 8


    Jane Eyre Quiz over chapters 20 to 27 – this quiz will be of a different format.




    Jane Eyre Significant Moments Page due Thursday, January 4th


    November 27


    Q#2 2009 AP Timed Writing Prompt Review – using the Thesis packet to identify the following:

     AP Q#2 2009 Prompt

    (Only print Q#2 from this packet)


    Sampled writings


    1)      Read the passage

    2)      Annotate the passage

    3)      Make sure to know the points of view in the passage including the “What if?” scenario.

    Create a thesis using the thesis packet by reading the Q #2 2009 prompt by identifying in the prompt the:

    1)      Article

    2)      The subject

    3)      The verb

    4)      Adjective (if there is one)

    5)      Adverb (if there is one)

    6)      Prepositional phrase

    7)      Appositive phrase/clause

    8)      Subordinate clause

    9)      Triad of absolute phrases will be your literary devices in the prompt (be sure to identify the devices with appropriate adjectives.  For example, what type of imagery is in the passage?  Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, etc.

    10)   Make sure to end your thesis with an opinion as well.

    November 28


    Timed Writing – Q#2 2009 Prompt

    November 29

    Background notes on John Milton.


    Paradise Lost Study Guide Packet


    PPT Presentation

    November 30

    Assigned Study Guide questions to students.

    Note: 25 points will be deducted if question #27 is not completed correctly and appropriately. Make sure this notated on the study guide

     Paradise Lost Reading:  Full Reading


    November Scholarships Due!

    December 1


    20 Minute timed writing over chapters 11 to 19 in Jane Eyre


    If you are absent. . . check both Rice and Munoz's tutorial times and this quiz will need to be made up no later than Wednesday, December 6th.



    Jane Eyre Significant Moments Page due Thursday, January 4th


    November 20










    November 21

    November 22


    November 23


    November 24



    November 13


    Read RIME: Parts 5-7 and complete study guide questions


    Refer to November 7th for files.


    Writing BM #2 Expos/Personal Essay Only – 2 Days




    November 14


    Continue with Study Guide Questions and completion of literary devices





    Writing BM #2 Expos/Personal Essay Only – 2 Days

    November 15


    Complete ROAM Packet

    November 16


    Major Exam over RIME



    Alternative Exam (Be careful – there are some changes that need to take place on this exam.)


    If you were absent, you only have until Wednesday November 29th to make up this exam either before or after school.  Let your teachers know when you will make up this exam.


    November 17


    Time Permitting Distribute and Discuss Barbarian Project.

     Barbarian Project


    Sword Speech Examples:

     Sword Speech Examples

    Sword Presentation Due:   Friday, January 26th


    Barbarian Battle:   Monday, January 29th



    Monday, November 6

    Background on Charlotte Bronte

     Jane Eyre files


    Blank Note Packet

      Jane Eyre files


    Tuesday, November 7

    Rime of the Ancient Mariner Study Guide Packet

     ROAM Files

    Students will view Background on Samuel Taylor Coleridge DVD and complete answers that will go with DVD.

      ROAM Files


    Wednesday, November 8

    Each student is assigned one or more study guide questions they must answer while we read RIME.

    Thursday, November 9

    Students begin reading RIME:   Parts 1-4

    Friday, November 10

    Vocabulary #9 Due and Quiz




    Literary Terms:







    Vocabulary Words:




    20 Minute Timed Writing over Chapters 6-10 up to pages 96.



    Monday, October 30

    Supernatural Project Due



    Tuesday, October 31

    Supernatural Project Due


    October Scholarship Due to Turnitin.com no later than 11:59 p.m.

    Wednesday, November 1

    Supernatural Project Due

    Thursday, November 2

    Supernatural Project Due

    Friday, November 3


    Vocabulary #8 Quiz.




    Literary Terms:



    Vocabulary Words:












    20 Minute Timed Writing over Chapters: 1-5 to page 51 of Jane Eyre.







    October 23


    Frankenstein Timed Writing (Major Grade)


    There was a Timed Writing on Monday, 10/24.  If you were absent, you only have until Wednesday, 10/25 to make it up.

    October 24


    TAMU College Speaker  - meet in the LGI

    October 25


    Inner/Outer Circle Discussion (bring handout with you)


     Inner Outer Circle


    If you are absent for this assignment, your make-up assignment will be the following:


    Take the two level 3 questions and type in MLA format, Times Roman, size 12 font and type 500 words each for both questions answering your own questions.  No exceptions or alternatives will be allowed for this assignment.

    October 26


    Review Timed Writings in class.  Allow students to grade their first timed writing.

    October 27


    Vocabulary #7 Due and Quiz – know all of your irony terms for this quiz.


    Frankenstein novels are due today.


    Distribute Jane Eyre novels and discuss Significant Moments Page and Due Date for Jane Eyre.

    Significant Moments






    1st Nine Weeks of School

    Week One (8-21 through 8-25):  Week One

    Irony Presentations Calendar:  Irony Calendar

    Week Two (8-28 through 9-1):  Week Two

    Week Three (9-4 through 9-8): Week Three

    Week Four (9-11 through 9-15): Week Four

    5th Week of School (9/18/2017 through 9/22/2017) - Week Five (Significant Moments Sheet is listed here)

    Precis Document:  Precis Poster

    6th Week of School (9/25/2017 through 9/29/2017) - Week Six

    7th Week of School (10/2/2017 through 10/6/2017) - Week Seven

    If you were absent Tuesday and Thursday before or after school to make up Friday's Quiz.

    8th Week of School (10/9/2017 through 10/13/2017) - Week Eight

     9th Week of School (10/16/2017) through 10/20/2017) - Week Nine

     If you were absent for the Significant Moments assignment, you only have until Wednesday, October 18th to make up quiz.  You MUST turn in your Significant Moments homework before you can take the quiz.  In addition, the quiz will be completely different than the one given in class.