• Officers 2017 - 2018:

    President: Fatimah K.

    Vice President: Brianna A.

    Secretary: Hajar A.

    Historian: Sumayyah K.

    Sponsor: Angelica Millan

    Administrator: Christina Hernandez

  • MSA is a student led association created to provide a platform for students, to come together and build a lasting community based on friendship, faith, and shared values. Our goal is to spread awareness about Muslim values and traditions by enabling students to become proud ambassadors of their faith. Students of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to join. So get ready to bond with your fellow brothers and sisters, as we come together and participate in common religious practices, volunteering, and fundraisers – while we have some fun and games along the way.


    Meetin in Room N134 every Friday - 2:30 p m – 3:00 pm