• Q&A

    How can I get some of the google suite items unblocked for a short period of time for my students to use?

    At this time the district has opted to block and keep Google suites blocked due to the level of security.

    Is streaming available for a short period?

    No, streaming is not available on our wi-fi.

    I don’t have a tablet but I also don’t have time to attend the 3 trainings. What can I do?

    3 face to face trainings are mandatory via the district to ensure proper training is received.

    Are the headsets for the Avaya computer based phones mandatory?

    Yes. Anyone in a classroom without a physical telephone is required to have a headset for safety reasons.

    Is training only offered during conference periods?

    No, many trainings are offered afterschool.

    If there is a training that I want to attend at the ESC, how do I go about registering?

    All trainings are found in Eduphoria and you can register via the link

    I don’t see a training offered that I would like more information on. How do I go about getting trainings not currently available?

    Send a request through the newsletter or via email to pitres@pearlandisd.org