• Over 1,000 eBooks and Audiobooks for Checkout!

    Pearland ISD OverDrive


    (Ask your PHS librarians for your username and password)

    · Download the free OverDrive app.

    · Sign Up to create your OverDrive Account, and select Sign Up using library card.

    · For library name, type Pearland Independent School District. Login using assigned username and password (ask your librarians).

    · Select yes for older than 13 (if applies), and enter your name and email only if you’d like to
    receive email updates regarding your account.

    · Add Pearland Independent School District as the library.  From here, you’ll login with your assigned username and password.

    · When checking out items, use the READ option for eBooks and the LISTEN option for audiobooks whenever available.  These options allow you to access your books on other devices and to return your books early.

    · If you select the DOWNLOAD option, your book will only be available on that one device, and you will not be able to return it early.  

    Destiny Discover

    Use your Skyward username and password.

    · Download the free Destiny Discover app.

    · Select Texas for the location,.

    · Type Pearland High School for the school.

    · Login, and select either eBooks or Audiobooks.

    Project Gutenberg

    Over 40,000 free ebooks from the public domain (mostly classics).