Tipton, Biology

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Tipton, Biology

  • IMPORTANT! Please check Biology Grade in Skyward.


    Tutoring:  TUESDAY & THURSDAY – 2:15 - 2:45 pm & WEDNESDAY – 6:45-7:10 am

    Anyday I am here before & after school, students are welcome to come to tutoring.  I will post on my whiteboard when I am unavailble.


    Conference Time:  10:00 – 10:45 a.m.   Available for after school conferences if needed (2:20-3:30).


    Weekly Reminder:  Students are to study some everyday.  


    Biology can be a challenging course, but with effort you can be successful and love biology!

    I hope that when this year is over you will understand how exciting the world can be when looked at through the eyes of a scientist.


    About the Course . . .

     Biology means the study of life and will emphasize the basic structure and function of living things. Our content will center around the following units:


    Fall Semester

     Safety & Biology Introduction




     Energy & Cell Cycle

     Meiosis & Genetics

     DNA & Protein Synthesis


    Spring Semester

     Evolution & Taxonomy

     Viruses & Kingdoms


     Body Systems

     STAAR Review



    Classroom Rules

    1. Be Prompt
    2. Be Prepared
    3. Be Productive
    4. Be Polite
    5. Be a Dawson Eagle


    The following resources are below:

    - Biology Syllabus for Mrs. Tipton's class

    - Cheating Policy

    - Biology Safety Agreement

    - Biology Lab Safety Rules

    - Safety Symbols & Vocab.

    - Remind 101 for Mrs. Tipton's class