• books September 5th through September 8th is the Fall Book Fair.  Most of the popular books of the year will be sold at the Fair from 8:00am to 3:30pm daily.  The Book Fair will also be open for Meet the Teacher Night on September 14th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Pre-order of Diary of a Wimpy Kid will be available to order (order will be delivered November 7th), Wonder by R J Palacio will be for sale, books by Alan Gratz will be on sale, and many others.  The next Book Fair will be in the spring, March 5th through March 9th.  

    * On September 5th, Mrs. Ernst, your librarian gave each student at Rogers Middle School a free book from the Book Fair ($8.00 and under) to start the year off with a book in the hand of the students.  Get caught reading a good book throughout the school everyday at Rogers Middle School; the Best Middle School in the Universe.

     Read-It Forward:  The Read-It Forward book of the year at RMS will be Wonder by RJ Palacio.  We will sell Wonder t-shirts and kick off this reading opportunity on September 12th through November 30th.  Each child will have the opportunity to read the book or listen to the book.  The book is highlighted in library class, on announcements, in classes, and at home during silent sustained reading time.  There are many opportunities to read a copy of the book.  For example, 125 copies of the books are floating around the school from student to student; more were sold at the Book Fair or other book stores; 30 more are read and discussed in Mrs. Ernst's Book Club, 6 more are checked out through the Roger's library, the public library or teacher's classroom libraries; and even more were handed down from one sibling to another, or being used as class sets in classes.  During library class, we discuss sections of the novel to help the student understand characterization, voice, foreshadowing, point of view, plot, main idea, theme and summary.  Mrs. Ernst includes quotes from the novel and reviews questions from the library quiz.  When students have finished reading the novel, they can come take the Read-It Forward quiz in the library with Mrs. Ernst.  Students love to complete the BONUS question, which reveals what life lessons they have learned from completing the book.  Students earning an 80, 90, or 100 on the quiz get their free ticket to see the movie Wonder in theaters.  The bonus question can help give students 10 points. On November 30th, the students will receive their RMS ticket to the incentive trip to Cinemark to see the movie Wonder.  The students and the faculty at Rogers Middle School are so excited!  It's a great opportunity for all of our Rogers Rockets who want to participate.  Grades and tickets will be revealed on November 30th.  All information on the Read-It Forward event available here, on announcements, in classes and in the library on a daily basis.

    Wonder t-shirts are on sale from September through October.  The cost is $12.00 in cash or check.  Make checks to Rogers Middle School with driver's license on the front.  We will wear our Rogers "Wonder" t-shirts as school approved shirts.   

    On November 17th, the Wonder movie comes out in theaters.  If you are interested in seeing the movie early, then help build the Rogers movie fundraiser by going to Fandango to buy tickets.  Here's the link:


    Book Clubs:  5th grade Book Club- Reading Wonder by R J Palacio.  This 5th grade Book Club meets at 8:00am on Thursday in the library.  Everytime we meet, the students will discuss certain pages of the book.  The students will not spoil the book's ending for other students if reading ahead.  This is a time for readers to have a "Book Talk."  "Book Talks" are used as a time to get together and discuss a book that we have read and would like to share different points of view about the book.

    Book Club Meetings for 5th grade:  September21st (pages 1-67)  September 28th (pages 68-110)  October 5th (pages 111-176; discussed painting pumpkins for the library)  October 19th (pages 177-225)  October 26th (pages 226-310)  November 2nd (last meeting: decorating Auggie cookies)  Please turn in all Book Club books by November 2nd.  Snacks are supplied by Mrs. Ernst and activities, such as "painting a Wonder-pumpkin" and "icing a Wonder-cookie" will be involved in Book Club.  

    5th grade Book Club for January 2018:  We will read Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein.  We will also have scavenger hunts in the library to find books mentioned in the novel.

     6th grade Book Club- Reading Refugee by Alan Gratz.  This 6th grade Book Club meets at 8:00am on Wednesday in the library.  Everytime we meet, the students will discuss certain pages of the book.  The students will not spoil the book's ending for other students if reading ahead.  This is a time for readers to have a "Book Talk."  "Book Talks" are used as a time to get together and discuss a book that we have read and would like to share different points of view about the book.  Snacks are supplied by Mrs. Ernst and guest speakers are invited to give depth to conversations of our Book Talks.

    Book Club Meetings for 6th grade:  September 20th (pages 1-92)  September 27th (pages 93-121)  October 11th (pages 122-146)  October 18th (pages 147-215)  October 25th (pages 216-317; last day to finish the book)  Please turn in all books by November 1st. 

    6th Grade Book Club for January 2018:  We will read Towers Falling by Jewell Parker Rhodes.  This is an historical fiction novel with great discussion questions revolving around September 11th.  It is also a Bluebonnet book for this year.

    TweensRead:  October 21st Saturday- Please join us from 9 to 5 at South Houston High School for a fun day filled with author visits.  Meet 25 amazing middle school authors in one place.  For more information, please see TweensRead flyer sent home in Thursday folders on October 19th.  Online information located on my webpage.  Look for the TweensRead icon on my Symbaloo, or go to www.tweensread.com.


     Alan Gratz Author Visit October 23rd at Rogers Middle School in the cafeteria at 9:00am (5th grade presentation) and 9:45am (6th grade presentation).  After the presentations, Alan Gratz will be in the library for autographs.  Bring your books to be signed on that day. Flyers went home in September and October for book sales and event dates. 

    November 8th:  The Diary of a Wimpy Kid #12, The Getaway by Jeff Kinney was delivered to the school today.  60 copies that were pre-ordered were hand delivered to the students.  These students were extremely excited to receive their books!

     December 14th: Wonder Incentive Trip!!!!!  All movie tickets went out on November 30th to the students who passed the quiz taken with Mrs. Ernst in the library after reading and participating in the Read-It Forward event.  

    April 27th:  April 27th is the last day to turn in Bluebonnet and Lone Star bookmarks for the upcoming Bluebonnet party held May 18th.  To receive your invitation, students need to read 10 of this year's (2017-2018) Bluebonnet books or Lone Star books (2017-2018).  5th grade students then take an A.R. test on each of the 10 books, receiving grades of 80%, 90%, or 100%.  6th grade needs to come see me to test on those 10 books.  Same grades stand for 6th grade as well. The students will fill in a Bluebonnet or Lone Star bookmark with their grades on the 10 books read. The students will turn in their bookmark with their name and homeroom teacher to Mrs. Ernst to receive the invitation to the party on May 18th, 2018.


    May 18th, 2018:  Be ready for the Bluebonnet Party.  Rules are to read 10 Bluebonnets and/or Lone Star books and pass the A.R. quizzes on all 10 to be invited to the end of the year Bluebonnet Party!  

    This party is by invitation only.  The Bluebonnet/Lone Star party starts at 8:00am in the library. Read your 10 Bluebonnet and/or Lone Star books, test on those (with an 80%, 90%, 100% grade) to receive your invitation.  Hurry!  We have worked on this all year!  Mrs. Ernst has read 5 books to 5th grade and 2 books to 6th grade.  The reading and testing to finish is up to you!  YOU CAN DO IT!!

    To be a Leader, you have to be a Reader!


    Fun things are happening in the library at Rogers Middle School and you do not want to miss it! 






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