Intra-District Transfers

  • Intra-district transfers are for students who will live inside the Pearland ISD boundary when the school year starts and wish to attend a different Pearland ISD school than their home is zoned to attend.

    Application period for “grandfather transfers” (employees and non-employees):
    April 17 - May 26, 4:45 p.m.

    Application period for intra-district transfers for children of non-employees:
    April 17 - May 26, 4:45 p.m. 

    Application period for intra-district transfers for children of employees:
    Opens April 17

    Please note the following about intra-district transfers:

    • Transportation to and/or from school is not provided to transfer students.
    • Transfer applications for children of non-employees will close after the deadline (May 26, 4:45 p.m.), and no extensions will be available. Start the application process early, including registration in the program and activation of your account before gaining access to the application.
    • A “grandfather transfer” is an intra-district transfer application from a current third grade student who will complete the 2016-17 school year at Cockrell Elementary and whose homes were also rezoned. These student may apply for a grandfather transfer for one year to Cockrell if they are promoted to fourth grade in 2017-18. Grandfather transfers do not apply to siblings or students who move. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements for transfer students. All grandfather transfer applications must be submitted online before May 26, 4:45 p.m. Students who do not apply for a transfer will attend their zoned campus -- no exceptions.
    • Student transfer applications are approved for no more than one year and must be submitted annually for all transfer students during the application period. This applies to returning transfer students and children of Pearland ISD employees who transfer. Students who do not apply for a transfer will attend their zoned campus -- no exceptions.
    • Students must meet and maintain eligibility requirements to be granted a transfer.
    • If you are planning to move, you must apply for a transfer during the application period if you wish to attend outside your zone later. Applications are not available after the deadline.
    • The student transfer program does not process intra-district transfers or approve enrollment for the GT Academy, PACE Center, Turner College and Career High School, the Dual Language Program, Life Skills classes or special programs that are assigned to certain campuses. These programs have their own criteria for acceptance.
    • Closed campuses will not accept new transfer students or transfer students who are new to their campus unless the parent is a full-time employee at that campus or the student qualifies for a grandfather transfer to that campus. Siblings are not guaranteed acceptance to the same school.
    • Attending in a feeder pattern does not guarantee approval to the next school in the feeder pattern. If the feeder school for a lower-grade campus is closed to transfers, it will not accept transfer students who attended in the feeder school pattern unless the student’s parent works full-time at the closed campus.

    You must be the birth certificate parent or legal guardian the student lives with to apply for a transfer and must have the following information to complete a student transfer application:

    • Student’s name and personal information
    • Name of any special program the student qualifies to receive services for
    • Name of Pearland ISD school where your child is zoned to attend for 2017-18

    Are you a full-time employee of Pearland ISD?
    Yes                    No