Closed Campuses/Programs

  • The student transfer program does not process intra-district transfers or approve enrollment for the GT Academy, Turner College and Career High School, PACE Center, Dual Language Program, Life Skills classes or other Special Programs classes not provided at all campuses. These programs have their own criteria for acceptance and/or limited space.

    A Pearland ISD student wanting acceptance to the GT Academy (grades 5-8), Turner CCHS (grades 9-12) or any special program with an assigned campus must apply for acceptance through the program administrator.

    Campuses/programs close to transfers when they are at or near capacity. A closed campus will not accept transfer students unless the student’s parent works full-time at that campus.

    Closed campuses:

    Elementary (grades PK-4)

    • Cockrell
    • Harris
    • Lawhon
    • Magnolia
    • Shadycrest
    • Silvercrest
    • Silverlake

    Middle School (grades 5-6)

    • Rogers
    • Sablatura

    Junior High (grades 7-8)

    • Berry Miller
    • PJH South
    • PJH West

    High School (grades 9-12)

    • Dawson High School
    • PACE Center
    • Turner