Inter-District Transfers

  • Inter-district transfers are for students who will live outside the Pearland ISD boundary when the next school year starts and wish to attend a Pearland ISD school.

    Please note the following about inter-district transfers:

    • If you plan to move outside Pearland ISD but wish to continue attending school here, you must apply for a transfer during the application period. Applications will not be available after the deadline.
    • Transfer applications are approved for no more than one year and must be submitted annually for all transfer students during the application period. This applies to returning transfers and children of Pearland ISD employees who transfer. Students who do not apply for a transfer will attend their zoned campus -- no exceptions.
    • Students must meet and maintain eligibility requirements to be granted a transfer.
    • Transportation to and/or from school is not provided to transfer students.
    • Closed campuses will not accept new transfer students or transfer students who are new to their campus unless the parent is a full-time employee at that campus. Siblings are not guaranteed acceptance to the same school.
    • Attending in a feeder pattern does not guarantee approval to the next school in the feeder pattern. If the feeder school for a lower-grade campus is closed to transfers, it will not accept transfer students who attended in the feeder school pattern unless the student’s parent works full-time at the closed campus.

    Completing an Application

    You must have the following information to complete an inter-district student transfer application. Incomplete and/or incorrect applications will be rejected, with no extensions:

    • Student’s name and personal information
    • Name of any special program for which your student qualifies to receive services
    • County code, district code and campus code where your child is zoned to attend for 2017-18. Call your zoned school or zoned district office for the information.
    • Name of school and district where your child is zoned to attend for 2017-18

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