Inter-District Transfer for Child of Full-Time Employee

  • The student must live outside the Pearland ISD boundary at the start of the new school year and be the child of a full-time Pearland ISD employee.

    Space may be limited. Applications may be submitted online beginning April 17.


    • Full-time employee of Pearland ISD: Substitutes and/or contract workers are not full-time employees of Pearland ISD.
    • Child of full-time employee: The full-time Pearland ISD employee must be the parent the child lives with and. . .
      1. Be listed as parent on the birth certificate of the child OR
      2. Be married to the parent listed on the birth certificate of the student and live with the student OR
      3. Be the court-appointed legal guardian who lives with the student

    Other relations are not accepted. Documentation is required to establish eligibility.

    Application Process

    During high-traffic times, the student transfer program may time out. If you are timed out, please try again later.

    If your child is currently a transfer student, access your previously created account to apply for a transfer. Pearland ISD does not have a record of your password. You may click the "Forgot My Password" link in the program for a security question associated with your password.

    New applicants must create an account in the program before accessing the application.

    Creating an Online Account

    • Complete all of the required fields.
    • Register your employee email address. You will receive electronic notifications at this email address.
    • Keep record of your user name, password and the answer to your security question.
    • Anytime you create or update your information, you must save it, log out and log back in to update.
    • After creating your account, the program will send notice to your registered email address to activate your account. If you do not receive prompt notice, check your account for proper spelling of your email address.
    • Activate your account and input your application.
    • You must click the “save” and the “submit” buttons for your application to submit.
    • Notification of processing will go to your registered email. Processing may take 2-3 weeks.
    • Next spring, a renewal notice will be sent to your registered email address from Do not delete. This is the only renewal notice sent to you.

    Instructions for Employees

    In addition to the general registration process above, employees must also input this information in the profile section of their account:

    • Your Pearland ISD employee number
    • Your Pearland ISD email address

    Failure to include this information will mean you cannot access the application after the deadline to non-employees or request a closed campus where you work full-time.

    Click the “save” button to retain the information. After saving, log out and log back in to update your account.

    New Employees

    If you are a new hire, the student transfer program will not recognize your employee information before it is fully processed by the Human Resource Services, Payroll and Technology departments. If the program does not recognize your employee information, contact those departments to expedite processing of your employment information.

    Completing an Application

    You must have the following information to complete an inter-district student transfer application. Incomplete and/or incorrect applications will be rejected, with no extensions:

    • Student’s name and personal information
    • Name of any special program for which your student qualifies to receive services
    • County code, district code and campus code where your child is zoned to attend for 2017-18. Call your zoned school or zoned district office for the information.
    • Name of school and district where your child is zoned to attend for 2017-18.

    Campus Selection

    The program will allow you to select only a campus that is open to transfers unless you work full-time at the requested campus. If your child currently attends as a transfer student and his/her campus has since closed to transfers, you will select “previously attended” for your requested campus.

    Closed Campuses/Programs:

    Campuses/programs close to transfers when they are at or near capacity. When a campus/program closes, it will not accept new transfer students unless the student’s parent works full-time at that campus. The closed campus will only accept a returning transfer student that currently attends that campus.

    The following are closed campuses:

  • Elementary (grades PK-4)

    • Cockrell
    • Harris
    • Lawhon
    • Magnolia
    • Shadycrest
    • Silvercrest
    • Silverlake

    Middle School (grades 5-6)*

    • Rogers
    • Sablatura
    • GTA
  • Junior High (grades 7-8)*

    • Berry Miller
    • PJH South
    • PJH West
    • GTA

    High School (grades 9-12)*

    • Dawson High School
    • Turner CCHS
    • PACE Center