• Welcome to the Library


    Dear Massey Ranch Parents,


    Welcome to the school library. Our library program has some very exciting opportunities for you and your child. The library’s curriculum and resources offer a variety of literature and activities to enhance student enjoyment of stories as well as to support the research and critical thinking skills taught in our IB classrooms. I love getting to know our students and helping them find that special book that will ‘hook’ them into being a lifelong reader and learner. There are opportunities for you as parents also: volunteer during book fairs, or serve as a volunteer throughout the school year by helping to shelve books and other necessary library duties.


    There are a few guidelines about the library to pass on to you:


    •Number of books students are able to check out:

    ◦Kindergarten – 1 book

    ◦1st – 3rd grade – 2 books

    ◦4th grade – 3 books


    •Students should find a special place to keep library books so that they do not get lost or damaged (backpacks are recommended). Please do not store water bottles inside your backpack to minimize the risk of water damage to library books.

    •Let the librarian repair damaged or torn pages in a book

    •Students must return their books in order to check out new ones

    •In our library, we do not charge fines for late books. However, if a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, you are responsible to pay for the replacement cost of the book.

    •Students are always welcome to come to the library at times other than their scheduled library visits to check out books, with their teacher’s permission.

     If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


    Happy Reading!

    Karen Gilmore, MLIS

    Massey Ranch Librarian





    Massey Ranch Elementary Library Rules and Expectations:

    Because I am a well-behaved reader,                 Because I am a world-class reader,

       I listen and follow directions                               I listen to stories of many different

       I use self-control                                                  styles and historical periods

       I respect people, books, and materials                I respect the literature of other cultures

       I always do my best