• Improvisation

    In addition to performing on instruments and composing rhythms and melodies, students are also encouraged to explore improvising on their instruments.  Jazz students have been using Jamey Aebersold's Play-A-Long recordings to practice improvisation for decades. 

    Aebersold 24

    We also use his recordings in our classroom.   The MP3 album that we use is called "Major & Minor in Every Key - Volume 24".

    The tracks we use most often are C major, G major, Gb major (the black keys), and D minor.

    Student improvising on accordion
    A student jams with visiting clinician Alex Meixner. 

    Regardless of the style of music, improvisation is a motivating, fun, and expressive endeavor which can be started early in a child's musical journey.  It is essentially "making it up as you go along" and has many benefits to the student such as ear training, self expression, thinking ahead, and building confidence!