• Criteria for Selection of Music for Listening

    I try very hard to select interesting and engaging musical examples to share with the children.  My critical listening music selection criteria includes the following:

    • A balance selection of Folk, Sacred, Art (Classical), and Popular music
    • When possible, music that reflects the culture and heritage of the populations served at this school emphasizing Texan and American music, but including African, Asian, European, Hispanic, and others
    • Texas folk and popular music that represents all major immigrant groups to this state which have impacted Texas musically
    • Sacred music selections will balance among various faiths and traditions and are non-proselytizing. Music will be the focus of the selection rather than the subject or text.
    • Music that represents both genders in performers and composers, when practical.
    • Seasonal music.

    In selecting music, my preference is to find videos of live performances whenever possible so that students can feel like they are part of a real audience.

    If you would like to discuss an upcoming critical listening piece with me or if you would prefer that your child not watch a particular segment, please contact me and I will be glad meet with you.  We can discuss your concerns and/or make other arrangements for your child or the class.  No child will ever be required to listen to music to which they or their family object.