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    Posted by DEBORAH BROWN on 8/16/2016

    My summer....


    In June we followed Alec around to different golf tournaments.

    Dan as a caddie for Alec in Waco

    I had fun until I got hit by a golf club!!! Club!!!


    Luke (my youngest) and I hung out at a

    waterpark one of the many golfing days! Luke


    JULY---my family and I went to Guatemala

    to build houses for families in need. This is my family with the

    family we built the house for. This is the first time this family has

    had beds. (Including the 50 year old father in the pic).   



    Reminder to be thankful about WONDERFUL USA...

    at the bottom of a steep hill was the bathroom covered in a tarp    Bathroom

    We were able to build 3 houses with our group, encourage these families spiritually, and enroll their children in school (It costs $3 a month 7th-high school to attend school so many stop at 6th grade) If you are female, you get married at 16 and start a family, UNLESS you are in school. 


    Alec leveling the concrete base ot the home.  

    The home was probably a 30 X 30 slab.    1 main room and 2 bedrooms.



    Grace playing with some of the children

    Grace    girls  


    James (yes James Brown) working on the house  James

    Luke taking a quick break Luke


    Dan and I on the bus headed back to camp. (Not any more luxurious :)

    Cold or scalding hot showers we poured a cup at a time over our heads for no more than 5 minutes.  But it was sooooo awesome and I am going back again !!!! Come with us!!!                                                                 Us


    We saw beautiful sights too!!! Antigua, Panajachel, a volcano errupt, huge zipline, amazing culture, waterfalls. . .

    Ant A D


    Then to Ohio to visit grandparents

    and my poor dad trying on "hip" pink pants :)






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