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Libby Koepke

Assistant Director

Jill Cruces

Pearland Prancers Website

The Pearland Prancers is an organization that encourages school spirit, supports school events, studies the art of dance, performs at public events and competitions and produces a Spring Show.

Prerequisite Students must enroll in Drill Team Training class in the fall semester in order to tryout for Prancers in December
Practice Monday-Friday 6:45 AM- 7:45 AM
Time Commitment Full year
Projected Expenses General Fee $75.00
Bodywear & Misc. $600.00
Team Camp $300.00
Officer Camp $360.00
Competition $100-$200
Spring Trip $$$
Activities Team Camp, Prancer Football Camp, Football Games, Pep Rallies, Social Activities, Competitions, Basketball Games, Spring Trip and Spring Show