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District celebrates National School Counseling Week

NSCW During National School Counseling Week Feb. 6-10, Pearland Independent School District recognizes its 46 school counselors and the many ways they contribute to student success.

School counselors are often associated with college and career guidance, but they do much more, helping students become their best now and in the future.

Their roles are as diverse as the students they serve.
To help students succeed in the classroom, these professionals remove barriers to learning by addressing academic concerns and personal and social skills.
In addition, they collaborate with administrators, staff and parents to address issues that impact students at home and school.
Students may meet personally or in groups with their school counselor for help with self-reflection -- from examining their abilities and interests to realizing their potential and setting optimistic goals.
Of Pearland ISD’s school counselors, nine are licensed professional counselors, and four have a practice outside the district.
All are trained in mental health awareness, hold a master’s degree and have at least two years of teaching experience.
Beyond their similar professional backgrounds, what Pearland ISD’s counselors share most of all is their love for students.