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Glenda Dawson High School
2050 Cullen Blvd.
Pearland, TX  77581
School Hours: 7:15am - 2:15pm
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Dawson Theatre


Welcome to Glenda Dawson High School's Theatre Department. We are constantly developing the rich talent of our students and sharing our hard-work and art with our community. 


 OAP 2014


Caucasian Chalk Circle

DHS OAP will be performing their production of Caucasian Chalk Circle on May 1st at San Jac Central for the UIL Region 3 4A UIL One-Act Play contest.  They will be performing around 4:45pm.


Pop Show 2014

Pop Show Cast List 2014

Thank-you to everyone that auditioned! You all made this decision very hard.  Congratulations to everyone that made it. 

Don’t forget there will be a POP Show meeting Friday at 2:30pm in the black box. 


Dual Night Performers (perform both Friday and Saturday night)

1.      Football Boys (Pitch Perfect)

2.      Best Song Ever Boys (1D)

3.      Wings

4.      I'm Every Woman

5.      Keana Madrinan

6.      Anna Maria Ward

7.      Alyah Scott

8.      Jonathaniel A*

Single Night Performers (Perform on Friday OR Saturday)

1.      Bethany & Ryland

2.      Neal, Victoria, Justin

3.      Leyra Santiago

4.      Anh-Mai Kearney*

5.      Aliza Sotelo

6.      Nathan Unroe*

7.      Stephen Milbrath*

8.      Faith, Evan, Danielle, Tiffany

9.      Farryl Lawson

10.  Rylee Gallagher*

11.  Titus Moten

12.  Mallory Abel*

13.  Caty Snow*

14.  John & Gibby

15.  Allie Sandwell

16.  Gabby Sablatura

17.  Braxton Kelly

18.  Victoria Reyna

19.  Justus Ross*

20.  Angelo Silva*

21.  Accapella Group*

22.  Zane Boado

23.  Devin Will*

24.  Josh F & Jordan Sherman

25.  Chelsea Soriano

26.  Colleen G*

27.  Ed Refuerzo

28.  Aaron Leslie*

29.  Hannah Placek*

30.  Alex, Sarah, Ngozi

31.  Ali Kearney

32.  Sharkbait 7*

33.  Zach Howard

34.  Glydel M.*

35.  Matt Wakhu*

* See Mr. Brown today before you leave.

Ovation Theatre