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Introducing your PE teachers  

My name is Cassie Raftis-Parker This will be my 18th year here at Silverlake! I have been the PE teacher at our school since the doors opened in 1998. It has been such a rewarding experience teaching at this amazing school.  I have enjoyed watching all of my Silverlake Stars grow and learn from year to year. It is always a joy to have my former Stars come back for a visit! I have even had the privledge of having a few "Grand-students- some of my very first students have families and their children have attended Silverlake!)
 I have two children, 
one of which attends Silverlake in 3rd grade and a 5 year old as well in preschool. I have been with my WONDERFUL husband George for 18 years and married to him for 13. :) We met through the gymnastics community (we were both coaches, George was an Elite coach having a few students that almost qualified Olympics!)   

I would like to tell you a little more about my background. I attended Ball High School in Galveston. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and played volleyball. I had classical ballet training for 15 years, perfoming in many ballets with the Galveston Ballet. I ran track at Ball High as a sprinter, relay runner, long jumper and was a 5A state Champion in Track for Ball High. I was given a full scholarship in Track and Field to Lamar University where I received my teaching degree. As you can imagine, track is my passion!

 I am very excited about the upcoming school year and to be working with Coach Bitner.  We are ready to “out–do” what we’ve done in the past and make this year the best year yet for our SUPERSTARS!!!!

I am Mindy Bitner and I am Silverlake's P.E. Aide.   My daughter, who is now 17, attended Silverlake for all five years of her elementary years.  I love helping our stars learn about all the things their bodies can do. They grow and achieve so much from year to year, it is a privlidge to be here as a witness. We are going to have a ROCKING school year!

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 We are very excited to have your child to be a part of our physical education program.  The main purpose of the program is to help students develop a positive attitude toward an active and healthy lifestyle. Our mission for our P.E. program is to invest in the lives of students by developing a foundation of fundamental skills and emotional well-being, while building a positive attitude towards health and fitness.  Research has shown that movement facilitates cognition and what makes us move is also what makes us think.  “Physical activity is good not only for the heart, but also for the brain, feeding it glucose and oxygen and increasing nervous connections, all of which makes it easier for children of all ages to learn.  Numerous studies show that children that exercise do better in school.” (Newsweek 2/19/96) Physical activity naturally reduces stress and levels emotions.  There are many benefits to a well-rounded physical education program.  It provides opportunities to develop the whole child, mind and body. Also, don’t forget that, "Lack of physical activity in childhood raises the risk for obesity and its attendant health problems later in life." (Duane Alexander, M.D.)

Science Daily (Sep. 16, 2010) — Researchers have found an association between physical fitness and the brain in 9- and 10-year-old children: Those who are more fit tend to have a bigger hippocampus and perform better on a test of memory than their less-fit peers. Exercise has been shown to specifically affect the hippocampus, significantly increasing the growth of new neurons and cell survival, enhancing memory and learning, and increasing molecules that are involved in the plasticity of the brain," It was also found that children who were in better physical condition also did better on tests of relational memory -- the ability to remember and integrate various types of information -- than their less-fit peers. Evidence shows that physical education can improve grades and test scores! SO LETS GET FIT!!!


 In our P.E. class, students will be learning the various components of fitness:  cardiovascular (heart and lungs), muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.  We will also develop agility, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, and basic locomotion through different physical activities.  Required Fitnessgram testing will continue this year. The test will include: the PACER, sit and reach, curl-ups (sit-ups), pushups, trunk lift and BMI. All grades will be practicing the various components of the Fitnessgram. Third and fourth grade will be required to take the test. This test (the Fitnessgram) is not a measure of athletic ability, it is a health risk assessment. The test will be completed before spring break and the report will go home with our 3rd and 4th grade students at the end of the 6th six weeks grading period. Please feel free to practice at home.    Your help in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle can be beneficial to both you and your child. Remember, YOU are your child’s best role model. Get out there and exercise with your kids! J



In order for your child to be successful in our program they must comply with the following guidelines:

All students are expected to participate in all activities.

Students must show respect for teachers, students, and equipment and have a can-do attitude.

If your child is ill or injured, please send a signed and dated note explaining the need or any limitations.  (We will have a health related activity prepared for them or send them to music/library.)

A note from the doctor will be needed if a child has to sit out for more than two consecutive P.E. days.  This is a requirement of Pearland ISD.

Your child must wear athletic sneakers.  Dress shoes, boots, thick-soled shoes, crocs, sandals, and sneakers with straps or without backs are not permitted in P.E. class for they are not safe.  Your child’s homeroom teacher will inform you in their peek-of-the-week which days your child will be in P.E. or you may refer to the Silverlake PE website (which will be updated shortly).

Girls will need to wear shorts under skirts and jumpers on P.E. days.

Do not allow your child to wear dangle earrings.



Please understand that PE class sizes are anywhere from 50 -65+ students in our room.  In order for our program to be successful and to benefit your child, we need their cooperation, participation, and your support.  Without these ingredients your child will not get the most out of their PE class.  We are here to make every student feel important and to help them succeed!


The consequences of not following the P.E. expectations are:

 First infraction: warning will be given.

Second infraction: Time out in P.E. for a designated amount of time and notifying classroom teacher.

Third infraction: Conduct slip sent home to be signed by parent. Alternative activity will be provided. 


The students have come to know the infractions as “Strikes”.  We will also be informing the student’s classroom teacher of any problems with behavior on a daily clipboard that is sent to P.E.  Please note- if a conduct slip is sent home with your child, this is our way of contacting you to let you know that we need your assistance with your child’s behavior.  We are here for your support in getting your child’s behavior back on track! J


NOTE: Major discipline problems such as fighting or any activity that harms another child are sent to the office immediately. Conduct notes may be sent home on the first infraction if a behavior needs to be reported to the parent.  All conduct notes must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to school the next day.


We want your child’s experience in P.E. to be a very positive one.  We want there to be an open line of communication between all parents and teachers.  Please feel free to call us at any time with questions or concerns.  We are here for you and always happy to help!


We look forward to a tremendous year in our classes!   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 713 436-8000.  



Coach Parker & Mrs. Bitner

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Coach Parker & Mrs. Bitner
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