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French Practice and Fun Activities


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Francais 1:

Beginning of the year activities: - practice French alphabet and accent marks!

french/sect26/no_06/no_06.htm - Calendar practice! FUN! SCHOOL SUBJECTS! - review numbers! This one has sound!   Hear more numbers pronounced! - practice numbers - practice numbers 70-1000 - practice numbers 70-1000 - Practice telling time! -More telling time! - Telling time games! - ER verb hangman!


 French Pronunciation Practice: Click on French Phonetics

Take French in a real French school! - Tu aimes? - AVOIR song

  Francais 2 et 2 Pre-AP

    I. ETRE, AVOIR, et les parties du corps:

Les Parties du Corps (Body parts)

Help space aliens with their animals! review the verb AVOIR (to have) play rags to riches!

ii.  Practique des verbes:

Click on:  -(one at a time)  er, -re, -ir,  and irregulars: avoir, etre, faire and aller.  Make sure you click on the present tense.


go to: - learn/review French vocabulary and feed the needy! review: le corps, les vetements et ma ville


Francais 3 et 3 Pre-AP

Review the passé-composé with AVOIR:

Review the passé-composé with ÊTRE:

Review the imparfait:,articleId-25634.html

Imparfait video:

Passe-compose vs. imparfait video:






Related Files

    ppt File L’imparfait ou le passé composé.ppt (ppt file - 15 KB)

    doc Difference between passe compose and imparfait (doc file - 30 KB)

    doc File fr 2 verbes.doc (doc file - 44 KB)

    doc French Expressions (doc file - 39 KB)

    ppt File directives.ppt (ppt file - 6.32 MB)

    doc File le colonel chabert.doc (doc file - 23 KB)

    doc Family Tree Rubric (doc file - 20 KB)

    ppt File le superlatif.ppt (ppt file - 134 KB)

    avi -er verbs video (avi file - 26.28 MB)

    wmv -IR VERBS VIDEO (wmv file - 27.74 MB)

    wmv File -re-verb-video2013-mar-01_fri_14-37-07.wmv (wmv file - 26.86 MB)

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    Here is a SMACKDOWN of the APPS we will be using in class.

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