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Rogers Middle School
3121 Manvel Road
Pearland, TX 77584
School Hours: 8:40am - 3:45pm
Principal: LaKesha Vaughn
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Welcome to Rogers Middle School!


I plan to keep general information on this page and move a section up as I update the information.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.



Scholastic Book Orders:

I have activated our class code GJY9J so that you may access Scholastic via the internet to shop for books for your child.  Every time an online order is placed, our classroom library gets a free book.  

I will send Scholastic flyers on a regular basis.  The deadline for the orders will be on the scholastic website. When a parent places an online order, I receive an email.  After I receive a few orders or the deadline arrives, I will submit the order and the order should be received within 10 days. 

The Scholastic flyers are kept in my classroom library and students can take which ever they need or want.

Class work:

Students that do not complete classwork in the allotted time should make arrangements to complete the assignment at a designated time. Morning tutoring is a great time to come in and get classwork completed.  Students may be asked to miss True Grit class to complete work.  Each student will have a tutoring pass in his/her agenda so that they do not need to get one from the gym. 

Thursday Folders/Correcting Assignments:

Within the Thursday folders, students will receive papers that have been submitted for a grade.  If a student has a grade below 70, they may submit corrections to have that assignment re-graded for a grade up to a 70.  Most of the class assignments are graded in class.  This practice provides students the opportunity to clarify the skill that they were to have learned.  Since students have this opportunity for re-teaching, they need to use the correction sheet to write the correct answers and have a parent sign the correction sheet. This is a useful form of communication between teachers, parents and students to ensure students understand the material.  If the student does not pick up a correction sheet, any sheet of paper stapled to the original assignment will be acceptable or you can obtain a copy of the correction sheet at the bottom of this page.

Papers that receive a score less than a 70 will have a date stamped near the grade.  The correction must be submitted to teacher on or by that date.  If the assignment is a test, then students are expected to submit the correction by the due date and come to Tuesday morning tutoring (8:00-8:30) to re-take the test.


Reading Log:

Students are also expected to read every week for a minimum total of 100 minutes.  Students should have a reading log either in the Reading ISN or in homework folder.  This will be used as part of the homework grade.  I will have students respond to reading that is done in class in a separate format. 


Reading Homework:

Students will receive the reading homework packet on Thursday. 

This will include a couple of short reading passages with questions and a variety of graphic visuals that are intended to have students extract pertinent information.  The passages will include reading different genres; the graphic visual component may have pie charts, tables, graphs, maps, etc. 

Box Tops:

Please start clipping and collecting these items that can be submitted to raise money for our school.  Our campus awards the homeroom with the highest number collected; I hope that our homeroom will be the winner.  Even if our homeroom is the not the school's winner, I usually have a class incentive to have students help in remembering to clip and submit these items.


I look forward to working with an awesome group of 5th grade students.  I know we are going to have a very successful year.

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