First Grade Discipline Plan

First Grade Discipline Plan


Welcome to you and your first grader.  In order to maintain a classroom that allows all children to learn, we are using the following discipline plan.  Please read and discuss the following rules, rewards, and consequences with your child. These rules will be in effect at all times at school.


Conduct Rules

  1. I will listen and follow my teacher’s directions at all times.
  2. I will show respect for others at all times.
  3. I will speak when given permission.
  4. I will use correct behavior at all times throughout the school.
  5. I will keep my body and my materials to myself.

 Work Habits Rules:

  1. I will complete my work neatly and independently, without disturbing others.
  2. I will use my time wisely and stay on task.
  3. I will keep all of my materials orderly.
  4. I will return folders, notes, forms and report cards on time.


Rewards for appropriate choices

Verbal praises, pats on the back, hugs, smiles, stickers, small prizes, classroom privileges


Consequences for inappropriate choices

Verbal warning

1st color change/conduct mark per day - 5 minutes time out during recess

2nd color change/conduct mark per day - 10 minute time out during recess

3rd color change/conduct mark per day - note or call home plus 10 minutes

      time out during recess

4th color change/conduct mark per day - Principal visit



At the end of the week, a grade will be given according to the number of conduct marks (color changes), if any. 

0-1 – E       2-3 – S       4–5 – N       6 + - U

At the end of the 6 weeks, the weekly conduct grades will be averaged for a final six weeks grade.   

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