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Team 5D
Team 5D
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Classroom News
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Rogers Middle School
3121 Manvel Road
Pearland, TX 77584
School Hours: 8:40am - 3:45pm
Principal: LaKesha Vaughn

Team Incredible!

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Student Expectations:
  1. Arrive to assigned area on time.  
  2. Bring required materials.
  3. Follow directions immediately.
  4. Keep hands, feet and object to self.
  5. Keep spoken and written comments classroom appropriate.

Rewards given for meeting student expectations:

In-class free time
Positive note home
Other appropriate rewards determined by students and teachers

Consequences for not meeting student expectations

Team 5D is following Rogers’ school-wide procedure for consequences:

  1. Warning given
  2. Warning with conduct mark
  3. Conduct mark with call to parent.
  4. Conduct mark with loss of privileges (i.e. seat moved, time out in another classroom, etc.) parent is notified of privilege loss
  5. Conduct mark with 30 minute detention with teacher (time is at teacher’s discretion & parent is contacted)
  6. Referral to office

The following scale will be used to determine weekly conduct grade.

0 conduct marks - excellent (E)
1-2 conduct marks - satisfactory (S)
3-4 conduct marks - needs improvement (N)
5+ conduct marks – unsatisfactory (U)
Severe behavior will require office referral.

Progress Reports:

Each student will receive a progress report via Skyward every three weeks.

Thursday Take Home Folders

In the take home folder parents will find graded papers, notes from school, and conduct grades for the week.  Parent must sign the conduct form and each student must return the folder to the homeroom teacher on Friday.


It is the student’s responsibility to write homework assignments in his/her planner every day, complete all assignments and have the planner signed by a parent. 

Late work

Students will be expected to complete and turn their work in to the teacher on the due date.  In the event that a student does not finish an assignment in class, he/she will be given an opportunity to complete the assignment at home and turn it in the next day.  If work is turned in after that, the following penalties will be assessed.

1 day late – minus 11 points
2 days late – minus 20 points
3 days late – teacher’s discretion


If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get any missed assignments from each teacher and return the assignments in the designated time.  Absence notes need to be submitted to the attendance clerk upon returning to school.

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