• Hello and Welcome to 5th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts!

    Sam Houston State University (SHSU)



    1st period 8:40- 10:00 ( Students should get supplies for 1st and 2nd period when they go to lockers first thing before class)

    2nd period  10:05- 11:20 ( Students should get everything from their locker for 3rd and 4th period, including their lunch and gym clothes)

    3rd period (Varies) Check with your child's homeroom teacher

    LUNCH (Varies) Check with your child's homeroom teacher

    ELECTIVE (Varies)  Check with you child's homeroom teacher

    4th period  (Varies)  Check with your child's homeroom teacher


    Parents, thank you so much for reading and signing your child's agenda everyday!  That is a great way for us to keep the lines of communication open. 

    Please look for their conduct card inside the red take home folder on Thursday and sign/return. The students are allowed to make corrections on papers less than 70.  All corrections are DUE the first day of the following week.

    The grades for my class will mainly be inside their notebooks. The writing/language arts notebook stays in class. They will have their social studies notebook with them and are responsible for bringing it to class daily. They are allowed to take them home for you to review. Just make sure they are returned because we use it EVERYDAY.

     stykesjosephf@pearlandisd.org.  Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns


    BYOD:  Students must turn in a form to use devices in class.  Please have them completely charged!  If they are using it without permission or working off task, they will not be allowed to use it for 30 days in my class.  

    No social media, texting, pictures and only appropriate games.  (No blood/killing)

    Only happy, cheerful, colorful school appropriate games!



    8am (Everyday except Friday) If your child needs to come, simply write PASS 118 in their agenda on the day they're coming and this will allow them to my class.



    On-Line Textbook (information on how to view it)

    *  go to pearlandisd.org

    *  click on Schools

    *  Leon Sablatura

    *  at the top on the left; click on On-line textbooks

    *  scroll down to Intermediate (5-8)

    *  click McGrawHill Textbooks/ CLICK IT AGAIN!!!!

    *  username/ password

    *  McGrawHill Textbooks

    *  click on Student Edition

    *  click on the chapter you need

    *  click lesson

    *  GO

    *  EXPLORE!!


    Social Studies: 

    HOMEWORK: Ch. 4 Lesson1 Self-Check Quiz

                           Due. Thursday 10/11/18



     Homework: Assigned on Thursdays and checked on the following Thursday

                        Extra credit is given if the parent signs it.


    Language Arts: Imaginative Stories





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