Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Patterson


The objective of my class, physical education, is to educate students on how to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  The students will be expected to perform an aerobic exercise each day as a warm-up.  Warm-ups consist of weights, abdominal exercise, leg exercise and cardiovascular activity. Various sports will be taught throughout the year ex: volleyball, basketball.  All students are expected to dress out everyday and a participation grade is given.  Every student will need to purchase a $20 uniform that they will waer everyday. There will be extra uniforms available for purchase.  It is minus 10pts for no uniforms, 3pts for no shoes and 20pts for non-participation.  Students are given an opportunity for extra credit to get back points lost due to not having correct clothing.  Any time a student misses class for any reason they are responsible for a one page essay over any sport or health and nutrition article.

The goal of our class is to have students understand and live a healthier life.  We will do exercises everyday in my class and then do a different activity. 


Tutorial Times:

Mon.,,Thurs.:  8:10am-8:40am