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Mr. Arami

  • Welcome to Mr. Arami's Science and Social Studies page!

    My name is Brant Arami, I teach science and social studies to 6th graders here at Jamison Middle School. 

    Our daily schedule is as follows:

    8:25             Pick up students from the gym


    8:25-8:30    Students go to lockers


    8:40-10:20     Mr. Arami's homeroom has science/social studies


    10:20-11:10   Electives


    11:15-11:45  Lunch


    11:45-12:30 Switch classes, Arami's homeroom goes to Mrs. Ordineaux for reading.  Mrs. Garza's class comes to Mr. Arami for science/social studies


    12:30-1:20  PE/Enrichment


    1:20-2:10  Reading 


    2:10-3:30  Switch classes, Arami's homeroom goes to Mrs. Garza for math.  Mrs. Ordineaux's class comes to Mr. Arami for science/social studies


     3:45          Dismissal



    Tutoring for science and social studies:

    Monday and Wednesday at 8:00-8:20am 

    Other science and social studies teachers that can help when I am not available include    Ms. Gonzales, Mrs. Patke and Mrs. Letouche  


      Please check Skyward for an updated report on your student’s assignments.

    Skyward Family Access  click for link  


    If an assignment has a grade below 70, students should make corrections and return the assignment by the following Monday. 


    If a student is absent they have three days to make up the missing assignments once they return to school.


    If assignments are turned in late it is 5pts off the first day, 10pts the second day and 20pts the third day. 


    Science and Social Studies Interactive site:  Sailon


    The discipline plan is as follows:

    All students are EXPECTED to…


    §      Respect others and their belongings.

    §      Be prepared for class (assignments, supplies)

    §      Listen, pay attention, follow directions, get permission to speak or leave seat.

    §      Use correct behavior outside of the classroom.


    Conduct Marks will be given when a student DOES NOT adhere to the above rules.


    Conduct marks are recorded by each teacher and will result in the following consequences.

     1  Mark  = Verbal Warning

    2 Marks = Respect Statement/Seat Change

    3 Marks = Lunch Detention

    4 Marks = Parent Phone Call or Email

    5 Marks = After School Detention

    6 Marks = Office Referral

    7 Marks = ISS

    Conduct grades in each class will be determined by the number of marks the student receives in that particular class in a six week grading period.

    E= 0-4 Marks   S=5-10 Marks    N=11-14 Marks    U=15+ Marks

    Personal tidbits: This is my 22nd year teaching students and my 13th year here at Jamison Middle School.  I have also worked at the Museum of Health and Medical Science as well as Space Center Houston and NASA.   

    Contact information:


    phone: 281-412-1440

    conference time:  10:30-11:00 (please email or call to request a conference)