Grandjean's Gossip

Phone: 281-412-1440


Degrees and Certifications:

Arizona State University BA Political Science Reading 4-8 Generalist K-6

Grandjean's Gossip


Please come to  tutorials if you:

-need extra help with our lessons

-were absent and need to gather or complete work

-want to talk with me about grades

-need to make up or finish a test

-require my assistance with test corrections

-have missing or late assignments to make up


*Please come prepared with materials, supplies, and questions.


Morning Tutoring:  

Monday (Basso)

Tuesday (Cerda)


8:00 - Until bell rings

A tutoring pass is required. I have given the students a morning tutoring pass which should be stapled to his/her planner. 

After-School Tutoring:

Monday (Cerda & Grandjean)

Wednesday (Grandjean)

Thursday (Basso)

3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

In order to participate in after-school tutoring, the following must be adhered to:


• Students MUST have a dated note (or email) stating that the parent/guardian has given the student permission to stay after school.

•The note (or email) must state the name and phone number of the person who will be picking up the student from tutoring.
•The daytime phone number (one where you can be reached at 4:30 or later) for the parent/guardian must be present.
•Students will not be allowed to call his/her parent asking if they can stay for tutoring as this takes away from important class time. Students must have prior, written permission to attend after-school tutoring.
•Students must bring the work they need help completing or reviewing (work will not be provided).

If your student does not have a note with the above information, he/she will not be permitted to stay for tutoring and will be sent home via regularly scheduled transportation. Please be respectful of my personal obligations.