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    TSI Registration Information


    TSI Testing at Dawson High School (IMPORTANT: must be a current Dawson High School student)

    Step 1.  Click Here to Chose Registration Date  (use Google Chrome)

    Step 2. Sign up for an Accuplacer Account - https://practice.accuplacer.org/login

    Step 3. Take the Pre-Assessment

    IMPORTANT: Students must take the required Pre-Assessment Activity before testing day.  You must create an account and select the "Texas Success Initiative 2.0 Pre-Assessment Activity (TSIA2-PAA)".  Upon completion of the PAA, a certificate of completion will be sent to the email you provided when creating the account.  You must PRINT and bring a copy of that certificate with you on the day of testing (the proctors will collect this from you on testing day).  Use this link to complete the PAA.  You will also find practice tests available.  Be sure to select Alvin Community College as the campus.  https://practice.accuplacer.org/login

    Fee will be added by Ms. Peterson once the date has been chosen.

    PAA 1PAA 2

    NOTE: Students only need to complete the PAA one time. Once the PAA certificate has been given to the proctor on testing day, it will be kept on file for future reference in case the student needs to retest.

    Additional Information

    1.  The TSI Test administered at Dawson High School will not have accommodations.  Students who require accommodations must register to take the TSI at Alvin Community College.

    Alvin Community College - Testing Center, Building A Room 144A

    Phone: 281-756-3526

    Email: assessment@alvincollege.edu        ACC Testing Website

    2.  Students taking the TSI at Dawson High School must be current Pearland ISD students and have a Pearland ISD school ID number. For those not currently enrolled with PISD, please contact ACC as they offer TSI Testing several times a day all year long, and even offer online testing options. ACC Testing Website 

    3.  Students MUST present a Photo ID on the day of testing.  Acceptable forms of IDs include:

    • School ID showing name and clear photo
    • A current yearbook that shows your name and photo
    • A printout of Skyward (Pearland ISD Database) that shows your name and photo
    • Passport or other government issued photo id

    4.  Students taking the TSI test for the first time MUST take a Complete Test that includes ELAR (multiple choice questions for writing and reading), Essay, and Math (multiple choice questions).  Retesters can select any of the retest options as recommended by the ACC advisor.  Parents/ students are responsible for selecting and paying for the correct test (ELAR, Essay, Math) and will not hold Dawson High School or its staff responsible in the event that the wrong test is selected.

    5.  By submitting TSI payment, the Parent/Student gives Dawson High School permission to share the student's TSI test scores with Alvin Community College.


    If you have questions about TSI or need to reschedule, please contact Christi Peterson at Dawson High School, petersonc@pearlandisd.org 281-485-8800

    Please use this link to register and pay for TSI testing at Dawson High School, which acknowledges your understanding of the above details.

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