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    Biology and Advanced Animal Science

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year.

    I am very excited to have students back in the classroom!  

    Unfortunatly we cannot have a Meet Your Teacher Night.  If you would like to watch a quick video on me and my classes, please scroll to the bottom.  I have uploaded two videos, one for my Advanced Animal Science course, and one for my Biology course.  We are already off to a great start!

    This is a "landing page" with basic information and some helpful links for both parents and students.  For more detailed information on expectations and class information, please refer to the class syllabus and/or Canvas (there is a link below which will help parents navigate Canvas).  A syllabus was sent home the first day of school and there is a syllabus link on this page as well as in Canvas.  


    Mrs. Wehman's e-mail:  wehmank@pearlandisd.org 

    Turner Phone Number:  281-727-1600

    Should you need to contact me:

    For students:  I prefer a face-to-face conversation at school.  You can also send me a Canvas message (I prefer Canvas message over an e-mail from students). 

    For parents:  Sending me an e-mail is the best way to initiate contact.  I will contact you shortly after receiving your e-mail via phone or e-mail.  


    Mrs. Wehman's tutoring times:  Tutoring Schedule  


    Mrs. Wehman's Daily Schedules:  A Schedule  B Schedule


    Helpful Links:

    Canvas Help (and how parents can utilize Canvas too!)

    PISD Technology Help Page 

    PISD Office 365 Self Help

    PISD TEAMS Self-Help page 

    Biology Textbook (McGraw Hill is the Biology textbook adopoted by PISD.  We do not use the textbook but it is a good supplemental resource)

    There is not an Animal Science Textbook. 


    Biology Teacher Video:                



    Advanced Animal Science Teacher Video: