RISE Mentoring

  • RISE Mentoring is a school-based program in which committed, caring adults from the community help students rise above obstacles and succeed in school and life.

    While COVID-19 has changed the way we do RISE Mentoring during the 2020-21 school year, it has not changed our purpose: to make sure that each child feels seen, heard and valued by someone outside of their family. Being socially distanced does not mean we need to be socially disconnected. Therefore, our mentors continue to show up in different ways via letters, phone calls, emails and even through virtual meetings.

    Reach – To gain the trust of young people, you have to be willing to reach them by knowing their world. 

    Inspire – As a mentor, you need to be a role model for kids.

    Support – Be committed to the cause. Be present and show up. Your mentee needs to know you are unconditionally there for him or her.

    Empower – Help kids see more, want more and be more than they ever thought was possible.

Contact Information

  • Mandy Benedix
    Mentor/Volunteer Specialist

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