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  • The Bilingual/ESL Program provides resources to help students whose native language is not English succeed in the classroom. It also offers a Dual Language Program, allowing native English and Spanish speakers to learn both languages side by side. The goal of the district's bilingual programs is to ensure students' lifelong success.

Bilingual Education

  • Pearland ISD bilingual education is a Dual Language 2-way and/or 1-way offered in select elementary and middle schools (PK-6) for students whose native language is Spanish and who need to enhance their English language skills.

    The program provides English Language Learners (ELLs) with structured skills development in English and native language support from bilingual-certified teachers.

    The Dual Language Bilingual Education program is offered at seven campuses:

    • Carleston Elementary
    • Cockrell Elementary
    • Lawhon Elementary
    • Magnolia Elementary
    • Jamison Middle School
    • Sablatura Middle School
    • Pearland Junior High South 

    The Transitional Early Exit Bilingual program is offered at Sablatura Middle School in 6th grade in 2019-2020.

English as a Second Language

  • Pearland ISD serves elementary and secondary language-minority students who speak other languages (excluding Spanish at the elementary level) through an English as a Second Language program with ESL-certified teachers and/or those with training in ESL methodology.

    Because of increasing enrollment of Vietnamese-speaking students, Pearland ISD has submitted exceptions with TEA for a bilingual Vietnamese program and is actively recruiting bilingual Vietnamese-certified teachers.

    In grades PK-12, the district provides ESL programs for all students whose native language is not English or Spanish. Students who are identified as English Language Learners (ELLs) are provided with English language support.

    Instructional programs encompass several models, including:

    • Self-contained classes with ESL-certified teachers
    • Pull-out and push-in instruction
    • Tutoring
    • Content area instruction with Sheltered Instruction (SIOP) trained teachers

    Flexibility in program models ensures that ELLs have the best language support until they become proficient in English and can be mainstreamed into general education classes.

    Throughout the school year, students are evaluated in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Every spring, all active K-12 grade ELLs are assessed through the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System.

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