• AP English Literature and Composition

    General Teacher Information
    Contact Information: munozv@pearlandisd.org
    Classes: AP English Literature and Composition (Seniors English)
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    Conference Period:  1st & 2nd Periods
    Tutorial Schedule:
    Eagle Hour Tutoring & Duty Monday: 28A
    Tuesday: Tutor
    Wednesday: ELA Lab A
    Thursday: Tutor
    Friday: Club
    Check Grades: Skyward


    1st Nine Weeks of School


    9 Weeks of School



    Frankenstein Significant Moments Due

    Frankenstein Significant Moments Page

    Followed by a Significant Moments Quiz



    Frankenstein Presentation Preparation Day

    Rubric for Group Project



    Groups 6 & 5 will present PPT

    Group Presentations Questions




    Groups 4 & 3 will present PPT


    Restroom Passes and Extra Credit Due



    Groups 2 & 1 PPT Presentation

    Supernatural Meeting #5 Supernatural Meeting Notes (Blank Form)

    End of Term 1


    8th Week of School

    October 8

    Staff  In-service





    October 9


    (Creating a thesis)

    Students will learn the process of creating a thesis (AP Style) – work together as a class.

    Instructions on How to Create a Thesis

    Using Frankenstein by Mary Shelley AP Prompts:

    89:  1989 Prompts

    00:  2000 Prompts

    03: 2003 Prompts

    06: 2006 Prompts

    08: 2008 Prompts

    15: 2015 Prompts

    17: 2017 Prompts

    18: 2018 Prompts

    October 10




    All students report to Homeroom.

    October 11


    Students work in groups creating a thesis on their own, then present thesis to the class

    Instructions on How to Create a Thesis

    Refer to the prompts listed on October 9th to use for this assignment.

    Frankenstein by Mary Shelley AP Prompts:

    89:  1989 Prompts

    00:  2000 Prompts

    03: 2003 Prompts

    06: 2006 Prompts

    08: 2008 Prompts

    15: 2015 Prompts

    17: 2017 Prompts

    18: 2018 Prompts

    October 12


    Quiz:  Students will write their own individual thesis regarding Frankenstein.


    Supernatural Meeting #4 Supernatural Meeting Notes (Blank Form)


    7th Week of School

    October 1


    Frankenstein Novel discussion


    (Bring novel to class)

     Frankenstein - Munoz Notes

    October 2


    Continue with Frankenstein novel discussion



    October 3


    Continue with Frankenstein novel discussion


    October 4


    Continue with Frankenstein novel discussion

    Frankenstein Significant Moments Blank Form

    October 5


    20 Minute Timed Writing over Chapters 11 through 22

    Supernatural Meeting #3 Supernatural Meeting Notes (Blank Form)




    Supernatural Meeting Notes (Blank Form)


    6th Week of School

    September 24

    Continued and completed Historical Time Periods.

    Historical Time Periods - Student Copy

    Historical Time Period - Teacher Copy

    September 25


    Practice Assignment over identifying Historical Time Period.

    Quiz over Historical Time Periods.  If absent, you can make up quiz during Eagle Hour Tutorial Times.


    September 26

    Student graded their Historical Time Period Quiz.

    Introduce AP Multiple Choice Skills

    Read 1991 Station Wagons Passage to students - not all students were able to complete class discussion - will continue on Friday.

    September 27


    College Portfolio Due!


    Students will bring all items in for College Portfolio and we will assemble the College binder in class together

    Complete Thank you cards in class as well.

    Visit with counselors.

    September 28

    Frankenstein AP Multiple Choice Quiz. A Frankenstein reading passage will be provided for you.

    Supernatural Meeting #2 Supernatural Meeting Notes (Blank Form)

    September Scholarship Due.



    5th Week of School

    September 17

    Match AP Prompts to correct Precis Poster.  Group Assignment. – Explain why and present to class.


     “Final Draft” of College Essay due, must be uploaded to Turnitin.com (Major Grade)

    September 18


    Major Exam: Precis novel matching w/Q#3 prompts.


    (If absent, you will have to spend an entire hour completing this test - suring Eagle Hour tutoring.)

    September 19


    Introduce Literary Time Periods to students and provide examples to students regarding time periods.

    We will be studying various time-periods.  vocabulary, diction, connotation and colloquialisms in passages. 

    After passages have been viewed and discussed; handouts will be provided and students are to work in groups to try and identify time periods

    They should spend about 10-15 minutes going over each passage and trying to identify the following time periods.


    1400’s and older






    20th Century

    September 20


    Continue w/Historical Time Periods

    September 21


    Frankenstein 20 minute TW over chapters  .

     Read to end of chapter X (10), page 70 for timed writing portion quiz.

    Quiz over Historical Time Periods


    4th Week of School

    September 10


    Precis Quiz (If absent - see your teacher during Eagle Hour tutorials times)



    1st draft of college essay due!


    MYTN (6:30-8pm)

    September 11


    Student’s complete questionnaire on year’s novels been on AP Literature Exam and make comparisons with the reading list from Senior Class 2018. 

     Novels Students Have Read

    AP Titles that have been on the AP Exam since 1970



    September 12


    Flock Party


    Begin Precis Poster Project in class, work in groups.

    Precis Poster

    Past Examples:

    September 13


    Continue working in Precis Poster.  Poster is due by end of period.

    September 14


    Homecoming Game


    Frankenstein Vocabulary Quiz #3

    benignity, chaise, melancholy, amiable, omnipotent,  reprobate, alchemist, futile, recapitulation, fervor, panegyric, conducive, incipient, lassitude, tumult, pertinacity (16 words)

    Make sure you are collecting all you LOR’s, award certificates, transcripts (Munoz & Rice already have, we will be distributing on Wednesday), sheet protectors (½” Binder (Blue, Black or White) and all extra items to place in your portfolio. Make sure you purchase your Thank you cards bring to class as well on Wednesday.

    Supernatural Meeting #1 (Bring Sign In Sheet and a small synopsis of what occurred at the meeting.)

    Supernatural Meeting Notes (Blank Form)






    3rd Week of School

    September 3




    September 4


    GT Development Day – Staff Development – No School for Students

    September  5


    Mary Shelley Background.  Biography from History Channel. 

     Mary Shelley Film Questions


    “Final” College Resume due to Turnitin.com by 11:59 p.m. – Major Grade


    September 6


    Continue with Mary Shelley Background (film)

     Mary Shelley Film Questions

    Distribute Frankenstein novels & Significant Moments Page

     Frankenstein's Significant Moments Page

    If you need help understanding how to complete this page, come and see your teacher during tutorials for further instructions.


    If you were absent, you can collect your Frankenstein novel during Eagle hour. 


    Frankenstein's Literary Devices

    September 7


    Frankenstein Vocabulary Quiz #2

    procure, doat, infidel, caprice, filial, ignoble, apathy, chimerical, cursory, tyros, tertiary, aver, incantations, multifarious, galvanism, progeny, ineffectual, immutable, omen, prognosticate (20 words)


    List all novels that students have read since 6th grade on board in class.


    Below is what students listed for 2018-2019 School Year.


    “Selfie” Portrait Assignment  Due:  Friday, September 7, 2018.  (Today!)


    Idea:  Present “Selfie” assignment and hang up.



    2nd Week of School

    August 27


    First Vocabulary & AP Quiz will be Friday, September 15, 2017


    Students signed up for an account with


    and worked on filling out and completing a scholarship application.




    Muñoz Classes

    Class ID:  18780703

    Enrollment Key:  APEngIV2019




    Rice Classes

    1st Period:

    Class ID:  18788950

    Enrollment Key:  APEng2019


    2nd Period:

    Class ID:  18789002

    Enrollment Key:  APEng2019

    August 28


    College Portfolio


    Students will need to bring in their complete “College Portfolio” from APLAC for review.

     College Portfolio


    1)   College Resume Updates

    2)   Sign up with




    3)  Get “Promise of Recommendation Forms” out

    4)  College Essays

    5)  High School Transcript

    6)  Awards, honor societies, certificates, newspaper, etc. community service (i.e., volunteering) – photos w/captions included

    7)  Thank you cards, ½” binder, sheet protectors,



    August 29


    Continue working on College Portfolio


    College Resume “Draft” – Bring hard copy to class.


    Focus on applytexas.org, commonapp.org, mycoalition.org, LOR forms, transcripts, awards, honors, certificates, volunteering & thank you cards.



    August 30


    Continue working with College Portfolio


    Focus on college essay

     Photo of College Essay Format to Follow


    At this point, students should have typed a college prompt for universities applied to.


    Begin the Do’s and Don’ts of the College Essay today. 

     Don'ts of the College Essay

    Today, all of your “Promise to Write a Letter of Recommendation” should have been distributed to appropriate parties.


    CommonApp.org, ApplyTexas.org and/or MyCoalition.org is due to Turnitin.com by 11:59 tonight.  Proof needed that account has been set up only! No personal information is to be shared with the teacher.



    August 31


    Frankenstein Vocabulary Quiz #1

    satiate, ardent, peruse, effusion, muring, conjecture, ardour, dauntless, capacious, dross, suppliant, inexorable, cull, paroxysm, quell, celestial, folly, fastidious, effectual, abode (20 words)

    Absences:  If you were absent for the quiz, you must make up in the LGI during Eagle Hour Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

    After that day, NO EXCEPTIONS!


    August 31st – Scholarship is due.  Must be uploaded to Turnitin.com


    August 20


    1st Day of School (Altered Bell Schedule)

     Classroom Management Policy

    Due Date: Friday, August 24,,2018

    August 21


    2nd Day of School (Altered Bell Schedule)

    Seating Charts assigend.

    Continue with Classroom Mgmt Policy

    Distribute Hall Passes

    (If you need a Hall Pass, please come and see your English teacher before or after school. Be sure to bring your Management Policy with you prior to seeing teacher to ask for Hall Pass.)


    Teacher Background Presentation

    Selfie Portrait Assignment

    Due: Friday, September 7, 2018

    August 22


    Sign up for Remind.com

    Text to 81010

    Type in Message Area:


    You must join APEng2019


    Supernatural Project

    Due Date: Monday, October 29, 2018


    Past student videos posted on YouTube

    Laugh with Me (Class 2012)


    Infected (Class of 2013)


    Spider's Web (Class of 2014)


    Dear Brother (Class of 2014)


    Spirit Walker (Class of 2015)


    The Hypnotist (Class of 2016)


    The Real Monsters of Transylvania (Class of 2016)


    Blood Sisters (Class of 2016)


    Project KMS (Class of 2017)

    August 23


    Irony Project

    Irony PPT

    Irony Rubric

    You will sign up in your English teacher’s classroom, not online.

    Irony Presentation Calendar 

    Irony presentations to begin: Monday, October 1, 2018


    Munoz Calendar:

    Munoz Irony Presentation Dates

    Rice Calendar:

    Rice Classes

    Discuss Extra Credit

    Extra Credit

    Only one per nine weeks’.

    August 24


    Students turned in classroom syllabus packets.

    Questions covered regarding “Selfie” Portrait Project.

    Irony Project, students signed up for Irony Presentations.

    Teacher will type up list of who signed up for what and will be posted soon.

    Teacher introduced Monthly Scholarship link.

    Scholarship List

    Students are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

    Students will be turning in scholarships via


    Muñoz Classes

    Class ID: 18780703

    Enrollment Key: APEngIV2019

    Supernatural Project – Need a list of expected/anticipated project and group members.