• Note:  Extra Credit is a privilege and not a requirement.  If for ANY REASON you use extra credit for the sole purpose of NOT completing ANY assignments, I will take the extra credit option away for the entire school year.  The intent in this English class is for you to enjoy the English Literature opportunities that are available for entertainment purposes across the greater Houston area. 

    • Only one offering counts once per nine week grading period; however, the 4th nine week extra credit does not apply. 
    • You can only visit or see the event within the current nine week grading period
    • Make sure you keep proof (copy of receipt-there are some exceptions to the receipt rule), photo, etc. that you attended any event.
    • Effective February 2014 - any event you attend from this point forward you must type a 150+ essay critiquing the performance seen.  No exceptions will be given.  If you do not complete this requirement, along with proof of attendance, you will not receive any credit whatsoever.
    • Word Count must be provided at the end of your typed essay.  EC Form to Complete
    • If nothing is playing in the Houston area that pertains to this list (Novels-Plays that have been on the AP Literature exam) but is being performed in the area you are visiting, extra credit still applies as long as you follow the criteria that is listed on the Excel sheet attached below.  Remember! The play or performance must be listed on the web link listed above. 
    • Only performances that have been written in a play, drama or novel format AND have previously been on the AP Literature exam apply to the extra credit outlined in the websites below.  If an author has also been on the AP exam - that counts too.  
    • Make sure to follow the instructions as indicated, otherwise you will not receive credit for attending the event.


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