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    Week 1: Introduction to School and Course ( History of an American, free Write assignments)

    Why Study History?

    Week 2: Reasons for European exploration to Jamestown (pages 76-103 in textbook)

    Week 3: Jamestown, Pilgrims, and Puritans  (pages 108-116 in textbook, Jamestown, Pilgrims Fill Ins)

    Week 4: New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies ( pages 116-127)

    Week 5: Life in the English Colonies (pages 132-150 ) and Discovery 3 Colony Simulation

    Week 6: French and Indian War (pages 151-155) and Discovery 3 Colony Simulation

    Week 7: French and Indian War (pages 151-155) and Discovery 3 Colony Simulation, Causes of American Revolution

    Week 8: Causes of the American Revolution (pages 162-170)

    Week 9 Causes of the American Revolution ( page 162-170) and The Revolution Begins (p. 170-189-175)

    (Watch Causes of the American Revolution below)


    (Listen to Paul Revere's Ride below)


    Week 10 The American Revolutionary War  (pages 178-219)

    (Watch American Revolution in 5 minutes)


    According to the movie:

    1. Which battle is battle #8

    2. What treaty ended the war?

    Week 11 The American Revolutionary War  (continued) (pages 178-219) 

    Week 12 Forming a Government (AOC and new Constitution) (p.224-249)

    (watch Northwest Ordinance)


    Questions for film

    1. What 3 steps are necessary to become a state?

    2. What are 2 of the important ideas about the Northwest Ordinance?

    Week 13 US Constitution (Pages 256-292)

    Week 14 Review for Semester Test
    (Causes of American Revolution Review)
    American Revolution Study Guide Video
    US Constitution Review Video
    Bill of Rights Review Video

    Week 15 Review for Semester Test, Take Semester Test (Thursday and Friday)


    Second Semester

    Week 1 Welcome back!  Washington's Presidency (pages 296-311)

    Week 2 Jefferson, Louisiana Purchase, War of 1812 ( pages 318-339)

    Week 3 Industrial Revolution ( pages 346-365, 426-435 )

    Week 4 Andrew Jackson's Administration (pages 374-391)

    Week 5 US Expansion, Manifest Destiny ( pages 396-419)

    Texas Review Video

    Mexican-American War Review Video

    Oregon Review Video


    Week 6 US Expansion (pages 396-419)

    Week 7 Benchmark / Practice STAAR Testing

    Week 8 Social Reform Movements (p. 452-471)

    Week 9 Social Reform Movements (p. 452-471)

    Week 10 Causes of the American Civil War ( pages 476-493)

    Causes of the Civil War Review Video : Sectionalism

    Week 11 The American Civil War (pages 500-537)

    Week 12 Reconstruction (pages 6542-563)

    Week 13  Social Studies STARR review 

    Week 14 Social Studies STARR Review

    Week 15 Social Studies STAAR Review

    Week 16 STAAR TESTING, The West 1850-1890

    Week 17 Orphan Trains, Progressive Era

    Week 18 WWI-WW2

    Week 19 WWII- Modern Era

    Week 20 Review for Final Test