• Welcome to Lawhon Elementary Physical Education

    Fitnews 2020-2019

    Welcome students and parents to Physical Education 2020-21 at Lawhon Elementary with Coach J. (Jaramillo) and Coach Graham.  Physical Education is an integral part of a quality education. Regular physical activity leads to a healthy and vital individual who performs better physically, cognitively and socially.


    Mission Statement: We strive to develop student’s sportsmanship, motivation, self-worth, and healthy lifestyle choices while they are young; giving students the tools to continue a healthy and active life as they grow into adults.



    Activities/Skills:                                                         Health Topics:

    *Volleyball       *Baseball                                             *Skeletal System

    *Gymnastics     *Jump Rope/Bands                              *Muscular System

    *Soccer        *Track and Field                                      *Circulatory System

    *Football     *Kickball                                                  *Nutrition

    *Basketball    *Rhythmic Movement                             *Great American Smoke-Out

    *Hockey      *CrossFit                                                 *5 Senses

    *Tennis      *Horseshoes                                             *Sun Safety and Bike Safety



    Dress for P.E. Days: Safety and full participation are crucial to the success of Physical Education. Improper shoes and clothing may cause accidents as well as a lack of participation. Please encourage your child to wear appropriate clothes and shoes to P.E. Girls must wear shorts or leggings underneath dresses and skirts. Shoes should be closed toe and nothing with a heel.  Sandals, boots, and heels are not suitable for the activities we do in PE.


    Illness/Injury: If your child is injured or ill, they MUST bring a parent note or doctor’s note to excuse them from participation.  After 3 consecutive school days of non-participation from a parent’s note, a doctor’s note is required.


    Lawhon Elementary Physical Education Expectations


    *Be Respectful

                I will be kind to myself, others, property and equipment.

                I will raise my hand and wait to be called on.

    *Be Responsible              

                I will enter the gym appropriately and sit at my Fitness Spot.

                I will participate and try my best in ALL PE activities.

    *Be Safe                

                I will keep my hands and feet to myself.

                I will follow ALL procedures and transitions.




    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Reset: Short time to reflect on behavior in a designated area then may return to physical activity/lesson.
    3. Removed from activity for remainder of P.E., alternate assignment, and a conduct mark sent home.
    4. Major Violation: Phone Call Conference and Office Referral.


    Grades: Kinder-4th * (3rd & 4th Grade are assigned number grades)

    *Grades are based on participation, effort, sportsmanship, cooperation, and skills

    Satisfactory – 0-2 notes sent home (75.0 to 100)

    Needs Improvement – 3 Notes (69.5 to 74.49)

    Unsatisfactory – 4 or more notes and/or office referral (0- 69.49)

    **On the 3rd  Conduct Note given a conference call will be made.



    1. Verbal Praises (Great Job! Awesome! Congrats!)
    2. Stickers/Praise Notes
    3. “Go Tickets” and/or Business Card affirmations
    4. A trip to the “Go Box” (treasure box)