Expectations and Procedures

    1. When students enter the classroom on time, they are making a commitment to begin work. A daily warm-up will be clearly posted on the board and should be started immediately, regardless of whether the bell has sounded. Personal needs (restroom, socializing, phone, water, etc.) should be tended to prior to entering our classroom. At the end of the period, the teacher will dismiss the class, not the sounding of the bell.
    2. I look forward to seeing quality work that is neat, complete, and on time. Sloppy, nameless, and incomplete work will be graded at my discretion.
    3. Students and teacher must work toward the common goal of creating a positive and efficient learning/teaching environment.


                The classroom rules are as follow:

    • Be Respectful. Keep all belongings, body parts, and objects to yourself.
    • Be Prepared. Have all materials and supplies at your desk and be seated in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
    • Be Engaged. Participate in all activities and assignments with an appropriate voice level to suit the activity
    • Be Positive. Come to class ready to learn and ready to work.
    • Follow directions the first time they are given, and ask for permission before speaking or getting out of your assigned seat.
    • No food or candy to be eaten outside of the cafeteria. No GUM!!!.
    • Observe all school rules as written in the Student Handbook.