• Indo Chinese Tigers Team Policies


      Alexander Middle School Expectations

     1) Respect others and their belongings.

    2) Be prepared (supplies, completed work, etc.).

    3) Follow directions promptly and stay on task.

    4) Ask permission to speak or leave seat.

    5) Use proper behavior outside the classroom (hall, cafeteria, restroom, library, etc.)



    Agendas will be used daily. This is a great communication tool for both parents and teachers. Parents should review and sign the agenda nightly.



    Please keep us informed of any issues.  We would love for the student to bring the issue directly to us and we will solve it together. 


    Teacher Contact Info

    The fastest, most efficient way to contact us is through email.


    Grades / Late Work

    Grades reflect assessments such as projects, tests, daily work and homework. Forty percent of the grade will come from evaluations and sixty percent will come from daily grades. Every assignment is designed for a specific instructional purpose and should be completed on time.


    A written record of conduct and work habits will be kept throughout the week. Alexander Middle School has adopted school wide expectations that are reported through DOJO. Our team has established both rewards and consequences to promote cooperative behavior. Conduct card will ONLY be sent home if student has more than 3 conduct marks in a week.


    Take Home Folder

    Alexander MS will send take home folders to parents each Thursday. Conduct cards should be signed if received and returned by Monday. Only corrected papers should be returned.



    Alexander Middle School students are allowed two parties per year. One is scheduled for December & one is scheduled for the last day of school. More information will be provided at a later date.



    When a project is assigned, please support your student with planning and supplies.  I expect projects to look like a 5th grader did the work and will grade it with that in mind.



    Keeping track of supplies helps students become responsible. Students are expected to have all of the supplies needed for each class, each day. It is their responsibility to replenish the supplies as needed.



    Bullying is strictly prohibited.  If your child is a victim of this type of behavior, please see the PISD website for online reporting.