• Tutoring

    Tutoring is available to all students Tuesday - Friday mornings beginning at 8:00.  Students must have a pass to attend tutoring.  There are passes available for the students, in the gym.  I will also give every student a tutoring pass that they will staple into their agenda.  This pass will allow them to attend tutoring Wednesday - Friday, mornings at 8:00.  The pass I give them will get them into tutoring the whole year. 


    Mrs. Cavender will be available Tuesdays, after school, 4:00-4:30 by appointment for students needing additional help with math.  Arrangements must be made the Monday before by parents/guardians with Mrs. Cavender in order for the student to stay after school on Tuesdays, for tutoring.  Parents are responsible for picking up their child at 4:30 PM from Rogers Middle School.


    Tutoring is an opportunity to get extra help on an assignment, ask any questions they may have, or work quietly on anything they need to.  Students must have something to work on when they attend tutoring.  Due to the amount of people that attend tutoring, I will not be able to create work for the students to work on.