• “ Texas will again lift it's head and stand among the nations. It ought to do so, for no country upon the globe can compare with it in natural advantages”                                            - Sam Houston

    Texas History – Mr. Edwards


    Welcome to Texas History – Texas has a history and reputation throughout the world that no other state can claim. This year we will be learning about the history of Texas, how Texas culture developed and events that shaped modern Texas. You will also learn about your role as a citizen of Texas and of the United States. You will be expected to complete assignments, take tests, complete projects and participate in discussions concerning Texas history and/or current events and how these events are connected to Texas. 


    Materials - Each day you will need to have the following items in class


    * A 3-subject spiral with at least 100 pages

    * Pen & Pencils, map pencils or markers

    * Viper team binder


    Class policies – Follow the class policies as posted. You can expect to have consequences for not following these class policies.


    1. My actions will allow my teacher to teach.

    2. My actions will allow other students to learn.

    3. I will follow all school rules and be responsible for my actions.

    4. I will come to class prepared by bringing my supplies and assignments.

    5. I will work the entire class period with my best effort.


    A repeated failure to follow these policies can result in the following:

    • A warning
    • student-teacher conference and action plan
    • parent contact
    • teacher/team detention with parent contact and N in conduct
    • 1 hour after school detention and parent contact
    • office referral/ parent contact and U in conduct

    Any or all steps may be skipped if student misbehavior is severe or inappropriate.

    Grades - Expect to have 2 – 3 grades per week. Exams and projects will count 60 % and homework and daily grades will count 40%.

    Skyward - Your grade will be updated on a regular basis and may be viewed on Skyward. If a grade is listed as an *, it means that the assignment has not been graded yet.

    Restroom and Hall Pass Policy – Only one student may leave class at a time.

    You will be issued a RR/hall pass that may be used up to 5 times per 9-weeks.

    You must use your pass and the 10/10 rule is followed. Other guidelines are posted in class.

    Students who do not use their pass for the 9-weeks will get 100 points to add to their lowest HW or daily grade. Otherwise, students get 20 points added per unused signature line. You must turn in your pass to get points at the end of the 9-weeks.  

    Textbooks –A set of textbooks will be in the classroom for daily use. Please take care of the books. It will also be available on-line. 

    Tutoring - My tutoring times are from 3:45 – 4:15 on Monday afternoon and 8:05 - 8:35 on Thursday and Friday mornings. Other times can be arranged if necessary. Students may also attend tutoring with the other Texas History teachers.   

    Assignments - All papers should have the following heading in the top right hand corner. Failure to label your work with a proper heading will result in a 10 point penalty.


                       first and last name

                       class and period   


    Late work and absences - Students who are absent need to see me during morning tutoring Make-up work and/or tests will not be given during class. Work that is late will be accepted but the penalty is 11 points off the first day, 20 points off the 2nd and 30 points on the third day. The late penalty for projects is the same.

    Tests and projects - Each nine-weeks will have 2-4 tests and 1 project counting as a test grade. Students who score less than 70 on a test will have the option to schedule a make-up exam and raise their grade up to a 70. Students will receive a packet and a rubric for each project and due dates will announced. You will have 3-5 days of class time to work on projects and at least one weekend.

    Cell phones – Are allowed in class under the BYOD policy. If your cell phone is used inappropriately or causes a disruption in class it will be taken up and turned in to the office.

    Texas History Course Outline -  

              1st nine-weeks - geography, Regions of Texas, Native Cultures, Exploration


              2nd nine-weeks - Spanish settlements, Empresarios, colonization, road to revolution


              3rd nine-weeks – Texas Revolution, Republic of Texas government, Civil War


              4th nine-weeks – Native American wars, cattle, oil, modern Texas

    To contact me- My conference period is 2nd period from 9:57 - 10:46. I can be contacted at by phone at 281-727-1500 or e-mail at edwardsd@pearlandisd.org 

    This list is not exclusive. Other policies may be implemented as necessity arises.